2017/09/24 to 2017/10/01

Masai Mara Exclusive Safari 2017

Tour Dates

16 September 2017 - 23 September 2017 Fully Booked
24 September 2017 - 1 October 2017 2 Spaces available

Important notice: Jonathan Scott will be joining you on this safari. Read more for all the details.

The Mara River - A place where wildlife meets conflict: in its millions. The migration is a constant dynamic. But at one point during the cycle, a major obstacle stands in the way of the momentum. At first it causes a stutter and a pause, but then the surge comes, and millions of animals cross the Mara River in one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes on earth. C4 has reserved a small, intimate and private camp in the heart of the action in perhaps the best time of year to see this phenomenon.

This year marks C4 Photo Safaris tenth consecutive year leading photo safaris in the Masai Mara. We have always believed in leading from the front and so for our 2017 season we have arranged that Jonathan Scott will visit each of our safaris for one full day of the safari. You will be hosted by this legendary wildlife photographer of the Mara who have spent 40 years working here studying the ecosystem and the big cats.

Jonathan and Angela are the only couple to have both won the overall BBC wildlife photographer of the year award; they have written numerous books on the Mara and have produced many TV shows. The most well known being BBC’s Big Cat Diaries which was a worldwide success.

Jonathan will join us on each of our 2017 Mara Safaris to share his love of the Mara, inspire, educate and present talks on conservation to us in what is essentially, his home.

During their visit, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy time with one of the Masai Mara’s largest stars, learning from his experiences, sharing his company and being inspired by an extremely passionate and amazing individual.

“Photography is more than just a beautiful picture, a moment frozen in time; it has the power to transform our relationship with the world around us for the better. We will show you how to express yourselves, build an emotional connection with your audience, and make photo stories that create positive change for conservation.” Sophie Stafford and Neil Aldridge.

In todays world of wildlife photography most people don’t give much thought to what they should do with their images after it has been taken.  Now, in another first for C4 Photo Safaris, we are offering you a safari where there is a focus on the image itself, but as importantly, beyond the image too. Sophie Stafford is a name that is well known in the industry due to her 8 years as editor of BBC wildlife magazine, but also as co-manager and judge of the world-leading Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in London. Neil Aldridge and Andre Cloete are both wildlife photographers of the highest calibre with many international awards between them. Between Neil, Sophie and Andre you will have a range of skills that has never been matched on a photographic safari before. If you have an interest in your images beyond the life of the camera, then this safari is for you, so please read on.

In today’s digital world, millions of photos are taken every minute. It’s easier than ever to make images, but few are seen by anyone other than the photographer’s family and friends. Yet in those secret picture collections are moments of incredible natural behaviour and poignancy, artistic expressions that deserve to be seen by a wider audience. That’s why this safari is all about taking your photography to the next level, both professionally and personally.

Bringing together a leading conservation photographer and master storyteller along with one of C4’s prominent guides, C4 has crafted a conservation and photography safari that is completely unique in the marketplace. It will help you to develop your photographic skills, giving you the tools to fulfil your goals as a photographer – and to take pictures that make a difference.


Storytelling is at the heart of what Neil does. His conservation portfolios have graced the pages of magazines such as BBC Wildlife and won awards in competitions around the world. Rather than photographing anything and everything he comes across in a snap-happy fashion, Neil first identifies a powerful story idea, then determines how best to execute it and finally goes out and makes the shots.

Andre has over the course of the last decade proven himself as a master storyteller and specifically a photographer who can hone in on an image. This skill has led him to win many awards for his images.

For nearly 10 years, Sophie was the Editor of BBC Wildlife, one of the world’s leading natural history magazines, so she’s an expert on how to get your photographs noticed. She’s worked with photographers ranging from National Geographic’s finest to keen amateurs, helping them to develop story ideas that reach wider audiences, through books, exhibitions, magazines and exhibitions. Everything she taught those photographers, she will share with you over the course of the safari.

Drawing on her experience as co-manager and judge of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in London, Sophie will reveal the jury’s most intimate secrets – from how the judging process works to what they look for in a winner. Together, Neil, Andre and Sophie will give you the practical and philosophical tools to take more impactful images that will stop the judges in their tracks and stand out in crowded categories.

On this exclusive safari, Andre and Neil will help you to create beautiful images that have the power to change hearts and minds, and connect audiences with the conservation causes you care most about. 

With more than 40 years’ experience in professional photography industry between them, Neil, Andre and Sophie will provide practical tuition, insider information and professional coaching to enable you to take your photography to the next level. Whether you want to get published, achieve recognition in competitions or simply take photos that matter, this very specially created safari is guaranteed to help you to grow as a photographer and achieve your goals. What hat better place to do all his than the Maasai Mara, home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on Earth.

Over the course of the week, they will share their highly successful approach with you, directing uniquely content-driven game drives to create images that have a life beyond the safari. Under their expert tuition, you will learn how to identify and tell the stories that matter to you.

This safari is reserved for 6 photographers only. We have three vehicles, there will only be two photographers per vehicle. Non-photographing partners are most welcome.

The professional wildlife photographers, knows the Masai Mara ecosystem extremely well and have the knowledge to put you in the right place for exceptional photographs. Using their many years of driving and photographing in nature, your photographic advantage is unequalled in any other safari that you may take in Africa. This is the ultimate way to photograph wildlife.

We have booked this specific date, later in the season when the tourist traffic has reduced yet the migration is still in the Mara. We all know that the Masai Mara is home to the “greatest show on earth”. So C4 decided to run the best photo safari we could muster in the heart of the greatest show.



Its simple really - we have built a camp in the middle of the wildlife action, booked it exclusively for 6 photographers, with the best camp operator in the business and then have experienced C4 guides and photographers personally guide you whilst on safari. Between the C4 guides they have multiple seasons in the Mara and have mapped their own special places and secret spots, which they will share with you while being driven around. Their intuition and anticipation of great images and their reading of animal behaviour means you will be in the right spot for the best images.

The Mara is a very large system and much of the conventional tourist traffic concentrates on a small section of the river. There is so much to see and photograph, and with your professional wildlife photographers as your guides, you will have the best positions for photography available. They will also take you to the far-flung corners of the Masai Mara, so you will not only get to experience the migration, but also the beauty, freedom and wilderness of one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems.

Each person will have their own seat with window and roof hatch, ensuring ample room to photograph from. Brackets, braces and clamps can be fixed onto the rails on the vehicles for tripod heads and flash brackets. Everything is designed to aid your photographic enjoyment.

Due to having a camp in the best location in the Mara, you will be staying in a classic east African style safari camp. This will be an exclusive, private camp for your own use. We will be the only people in camp for the whole safari. This specific safari has been designed to get away from the mass-market tourism that can ruin an experience of the Mara. This secluded camp sits on a quiet corner of the Mara River overlooking a large migration crossing. There have been numerous crossings here with only the camp visitors in attendance. Perfect for our intentions.

The camp is a permanent traditional “Large meru style”, walk-in canvas frame tents each with its own private en suite ablution facilities (flush toilets and hot bucket showers). Most of the tents overlook one of the main crossing points of the Mara River. Meals, prepared in traditional East African safari style by the camp chef, are taken in the large Mess Tent or under the stars.  There will be a generator with battery bank to charge laptops and batteries. The central tent will be the area from which to download and edit photographs during the quiet hours of the day or after your day’s safari.




Key Points:

  • The camp is inside the Masai Mara reserve with a view of the main crossing point
  • You are within 5 minutes from the main crossing points and 10 minutes from the other crossing points. Most camps are at least 60 minutes from these central areas.
  • The position of the camp is within the two main rivers - the Talek and Mara rivers, meaning easy and fast access to the most productive game viewing areas.
  • You will be personally guided by professional wildlife photographers who know the Masai Mara eco system exceptionally well.
  • No gate restrictions or racing for the gate during the best hours of light. (All gates close at 18h30, and as most camps are outside the reserve, vehicles must leave the reserve) we are inside the Mara, thus can stay till dark
  • We will have 3 x Land Cruisers for our use. There will be 2 photographers per vehicle. Non-photographers can share the same bench as the photographer, or sit in the front seat. Each photographer will have a whole row as well as a roof hatch. 6 clients are the maximum we will accommodate.
  • We will have the whole camp to ourselves.
  • The camp is a permanent tent camp- tents have flush toilets and hot water showers.
  • There is a battery bank and silent generator for charging batteries and laptops
  • The camp has a studio tent with 2 iMacs for help in downloading your images as well as many plug points for charging your batteries.
  • For each tour, we have organised a minibus that will take our cargo luggage from the Serena hotel to the Camp and back again upon return. This alleviates the weights restrictions in the below point.
  • The entire weight limit for the internal flight is 15kg. This is strictly enforced by SafariLink.
  • We have provided the transport for the cargo luggage for your cargo luggage. It is up to you to ensure you are within the limits for the internal flights. You will be liable for any excess weight.
  • There are Bean bags in the camp. These are filled with beans. If you would like to bring your own bag to fill with rice or sand, we will provide rice.
  • For those not arriving from South Africa, we will have separate airport transfers to meet you. For all arrival transfers there will be a sign “C4 Photo Safaris” typed on a name board that the driver will hold up.
  • It is very important to get your yellow fever injection and certificate. It should be done lo later then 2 weeks before your trip. It is valid for 10 years, so if you have had one done, you should just remember to bring the certificate.
  • On all our tours we may ask participants to rotate seats in the vehicles, taking it in turn to sit in the more popular seats in the front and the less popular ones in the rear. This requirement applies to everyone. If there is some reason why you can’t take your turn in the back of a vehicle (e.g. a bad back or travel sickness) please inform our office at the time of booking to see if we can accommodate you. We regret that anyone failing to inform us of such limitations before the tour will be expected to rotate seats in the same way as everyone else.

About your host, Ruth Nussbaum

With an innate love for travel and wildlife her passion for photography was bound to work hand in hand. Her photographic career began in the form of Fine Art at Rhodes University and has since adapted and taken on new forms during her many travels over the past few years. Naturally, moving to the bush her subject focus shifted to the wildlife around her.

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About your host, Kyle de Nobrega

A naturalist guide by trade, a wildlife photographer by passion, a birder at heart, Kyle has truly dedicated his life and time to wilderness regions and the natural world. He is constantly on a mission to explore, find and ultimately share the fascinating jewels of the bush. From taking photo’s of the spoor left behind by a beetle grub to painstakingly lying on a rock waiting for a certain bird to fly by, he thrives.

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About your host, Andre Cloete

André grew up in the African bush with literally one hand on his binoculars and the other hand on the camera. An avid birdwatcher at that young age, he was given his first SLR in 1990. The passion of birding turned into one of photography and in 2004 Andre Founded C4 Photo Safaris with Shem Compion.

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About your host, Andre Cloete

André grew up in the African bush with literally one hand on his binoculars and the other hand on the camera. An avid birdwatcher at that young age, he was given his first SLR in 1990. The passion of birding turned into one of photography and in 2004 Andre Founded C4 Photo Safaris with Shem Compion.

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About your host, Neil Aldridge

Many wildlife photographers are passionate about conservation but Neil makes conservation photography his business. From his base in the UK, he uses his documentary and fine art images to promote the protection of threatened species. With his partner Sophie Stafford, Neil has used his work to help establish the charity Rhino Conservation Botswana.

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About your host, Sophie Stafford

Sophie was the Editor of the award-winning British magazine BBC Wildlife Magazine for nearly 10 years, and now works as an independent communications and photography consultant for leading wildlife conservation charities, including WWF, improving supporter engagement through the power of visual story-telling.

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Day 1

Serena Hotel, Kenya.

Arrive in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi in the early afternoon. A 45-minute road transfer will take you to the African elegance of the Serena hotel. You will spend the evening in the lush and open surrounds of the Serena Hotel. One of Nairobi’s original hotels, this hotel has all the comforts of the past with the convenience of the modern era: The perfect place to relax for the evening. our C4 photo safari guide will make contact with you at the hotel to arrange dinner for the photography group and discuss the logistics of the following morning.


Day 2 - 8

Entim Private Explorer Camp, Kenya.

We depart for the Masai Mara at 10am on a scheduled flight and we touchdown at Ol-Kiombo Airstrip after a short 1-hour flight. From there we are transferred by road to our base camp situated in the actual Mara itself. You will be staying in a classic East African style safari camp consisting of canvas tents, staffed by local Maasai. You will have en-suite bathrooms with flush loos, flowing water and hot showers. While traditional, the camp is comfortable with large beds and private verandah’s. That afternoon we will enter the reserve for the first time and sample one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems.




For these five full days, we will focus on showing you the best of the Masai Mara and this will include tracking the migration and getting to the heart of the action. You will be taken out each morning in first light. We will have Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles with roof top hatches and large windows from which to photograph. Each client will have their own row in the vehicle with open windows and hatch, ensuring that everyone has ample room to photograph from. Brackets, braces and clamps can be fixed onto the rails on the vehicles for tripod heads and flash brackets. Everything is designed to aid your photographic enjoyment.

Depending on how and where the migration is moving, we might spend whole days in the reserve taking a picnic lunch along with us. We will find the best crossing points on the Mara River and spend pleasant hours watching the wildebeest mass on the banks with hungry crocs waiting below. If we are patient enough and fortune favours us, we will witness a wildebeest crossing, arguably the most spectacular wildlife event on the planet. Beside the actual visual spectacle, the noise of the crossing is something that will never be forgotten. Besides tracking and following the migration, we will search for as many predators as possible, including cheetah, as the great plains are home to these majestic cats. You will also enjoy unfamiliar sights of general game such as Topi standing aloft termite mounds and tiny shy dik dik’s going about their daily routine. The Mara also houses some of the largest buffalo bulls on the continent and a huge density of raptors. A special for birders, amongst others, is the large and relatively common Rupell’s griffon.

Our time in the Masai Mara will not just be about the wildlife though. We will take you to seldom-visited parts of the ecosystem and indeed right up to the southern boundary where the Masai Mara and Serengeti adjoin. Here, there is little human traffic, and we will enjoy the peace and quiet of the great plains as well as some private game viewing. This element of our safari is unique as most safari operators concentrate all their efforts on the river but we feel that by combining superb game viewing with a wilderness experience, we will offer our guests the very best of the Masai Mara.

The evenings will be spent sitting around the campfire and dining on excellent camp cuisine. As the coals die down, the warm camp beds beckon and everyone retires to bed. The aim of this photo safari is to help you take amazing photographs and improve your own photography, no matter what level of photographer you are. The C4 photo guides will help you and during the safari will also present a series of photo critiques, lightroom and other slide show sessions in the evenings. These are always immensly popular and helps our clients gain some insight into the skill levels and experience of our guides- who easily impart their knowlodge to you.

Should you have any other specific requirements, you are welcome to ask for your guides expert advice.



Day 8

Nairobi, Kenya.

After a last morning game drive, we return to camp for a hearty brunch before departing to the airstrip at 12h00 where we return to Nairobi. A transfer back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport/your hotel concludes the safari. Most of the international flights depart in the early evening and this fits with most connections. This is unfortunately the end of the tour and another special package from C4 Photo Safaris.

C4 Photo Safaris look forward to hosting you in the Mara for the greatest wildlife show on the planet.

Serena Hotel   

Justly famed for its exceptional standards of efficiency, service and five-star hospitality, the elegantly sophisticated Nairobi Serena is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World group and is consistently voted ‘Best Hotel in Nairobi' by airlines and international travel magazines alike. Despite its pivotal central location, the Serena Nairobi hotel remains true to its title and offers an oasis of serenity amidst the bustle of one of Africa's most vibrant capital cities.

Serena Hotel Interior

Serena Hotel Images

The Nairobi Serena Hotel offers a number of dining experiences, and a selection of bars, coffee shops and café areas, both inside and out. The hotel also features a dedicated resident's lounge: The Bambara Lounge, which offers a café service, newspapers and private seating throughout the day. Or try our restaurant in Nairobi, the Mandhari, renowned for the excellence of its seasonally inspired menu and extensive wine cellars. An internationally-themed buffet breakfast and lunch are served in the Moroccan-styled Café Maghreb, which also features a table d'hôte dinner menu and 24-hour brasserie service.


The Mandhari Restaurant


Entim Private Explorer Camp

C4 Photo Safaris has negotiated a private bush camp right near very close to Entim camp that we used in 2009/10.jpgs camp is situated in a forested area looking directly over a wildebeest crossing point on the Mara River. We will have the whole camp to ourselves, be far removed from other tourist areas and lodges yet still in the heart of the action.jpg tents are large luxury accommodation, with en-suite bathrooms and flush toilets. You will need to learn the phrase "duo maji moto", or "two hot waters" for your two hot water evening buckets for your shower. This is the classic Hemingway styled safari. No luxury is spared, yet you are as far removed form any tourism, as Hemingway was. With your own view of the Mara River, there is no better place to be in the Masai Mara. Meals, prepared in traditional East African safari style by the camp chef, are taken in the large Mess Tent or under the stars.  There will be a generator with battery bank to charge laptops and batteries. The central tent will be the area from which to download and edit photographs during the quiet hours of the day or after your day's safari.


Entim Mara Camp at Night

Entim Mara Camp Tent



Picnic lunches can be taken on longer game drives and enjoyed al fresc while out exploring this vast and diverse area. Early evenings can be enjoyed over sun downer drinks in discreetly selected spots away from camp; or after a game drive and hot shower, around the campfire. The dining area offers a more intimate setting for our delicious home-cooked meals. We have a selection of house wines from the famous wineries of South Africa. Bread, cakes and pastries are all baked in camp, while fresh produce is flown in regularly. We aim to produce healthy, balanced and enticing menus, and are happy to cater to your individual requirements. If you wish you can dine privately on your own verandah, whilst enjoying the personal service of our helpful, well-trained staff.


Cuisine Entim Mara Camp

$7 750.00 per person sharing

$9 300.00 per single supplement

30% deposit confirms your booking
Maximum of 6 clients, there will be 3 vehicles with 2 clients per vehicle. There will be three C4 Guides that will rotate between the three vehicles. Each vehicle will have a C4 guide on it at all times.


The above costs include

  • Meet and pick up from JKIA Airport and transported to Hotel.
  • All Internal flights to and from the Masai Mara.
  • All road transfers between destinations and airports.
  • Entrance and accommodation (2 persons per tent) to the reserve.
  • All park fees.
  • All meals, drinks and alcoholic drinks (Excluding Premium brands).
  • Personally guided drives by professional wildlife photographers.
  • Game activities.
  • The services two of our guides.
  • 1 night at Serena Hotel with full board.
  • Exclusive use of three vehicles.
  • Baggage drop off and pick up from Mara.


Costs not included

  • Gratuities to staff and guides.
  • Extra activities not included- ie hot air balloons.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Travel visas.

Day 1

Arrive in Kenya's capital of Nairobi in the early afternoon.

A 45-minute road transfer will take you to the African elegance of the Serena hotel.


Day 2

We depart for the Masai Mara at 10am on a scheduled flight

Touchdown at Ol-Kiombo Airstrip after a short 1-hour flight.

From there we are transferred by road to our base camp situated in the actual Mara itself.


Day 3 - 7

Out in the Mara each morning at first light


Day 8

Depart to be at the airstrip at 12h00 where we return to Nairobi.

A transfer back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport concludes the safari. Most of the international flights depart in the early evening and this fits with most connections.

Thank you for your Testimonial, it's much appreciated!

Classic Masai Mara safari: 30 September - 7 October 2017

"Last year I decided to enter a competition by C4 to celebrate their 10th year in business. The prize was a Photographic Safari to the Maasai Mara with the extra bonus of having Jonathan Scott spend a day with us on safari. Having never entered a competition before I thought I would give it a try and to my surprise I won. It was a dream come true. The trip was unbelievably rewarding. Having never been to the Mara before and not knowing what to expect, my husband and I were blown away by the sheer number of animals and the beauty of the Park. We were there in October during the migration which was a treat. As a hobbyist wildlife photographer I had never really taken the time to photograph Wildebeest, always focusing on other species of animals. I got to see them in a whole new light and was fortunate enough to get some “keeper” images. We stayed at Entim Camp which was an amazing experience in itself. As we arrived we were alerted to a crossing about to take place at a part of the river nearby. We all ran off at top speed, camera’s in hand and were fortunate enough to see a mini crossing. What a way to start off the trip. It was then that I was sure we were in for a treat. The camp was beautiful, from the accommodation to the food. We had three delicious meals cooked for us every day and were always met by incredibly friendly, happy staff. We most certainly never went hungry. But best of all was getting to meet and experience the incredibly knowledgeable team of photographers, Ruth, Kyle and Isak. Their knowledge was not only limited to photography but also the little things, like the names of plants, birds or anything else related to nature. It was great to not only focus on the photography but also on the little things which encourage us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. The guides rotated every day which gave us the opportunity to experience each ones knowledge and perspectives with it all coming together at the end to help us walk away knowing all that there was to know about the art of wildlife photography. Our drive/guide Josephat was a wealth of knowledge too. Not only that, he was incredibly skilled at positioning the vehicle exactly where we needed to be in order to get the perfect shot. In my eyes that in itself is an important part of wildlife photography and he has most certainly mastered it. They taught us whatever there was to know about wildlife photography, from camera settings, to lighting, to watching for the exact moment to take a picture by reading the animals behaviour and the list goes on. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and I can say with certainty that it improved my capability as a photographer ten fold. Adding to that was the afternoon classroom time where our pictures were reviewed and we were given tips and advice on editing our images. Again I learnt a whole lot that I did not know before. Added to this was their extreme patience with the clients answering each and every question that was asked. They got me to experiment with different settings that I had never used before and for that I am so grateful. Getting to meet world renowned photographer Jonathan Scott was definitely a highlight. His words of wisdom related to photography and his sheer knowledge of animal behavior is something that will stay with me forever. To top it off it just happened to be my 50th Birthday during the time that we were there. Kyle, Ruth and Isak and the staff of Entim Camp went above and beyond to make my day special including a surprise birthday cake and sunset celebration. A birthday I will most certainly never forget and I have C4 Safari’s to thank for that. Added to that was the honor of seeing the Big 5 on that particular day. I honestly cannot say enough good things about C4 Safari’s. I always considered it to be a once in a lifetime trip but I am hoping to challenge that by doing it again someday, perhaps trying a different location. Thank you to all at C4 Safari’s for making a dream come true. I most certainly got way more out of the safari than what I had expected."

Yvette Holzbach
16 May 2018

Excellent in every way - Masai Mara Predators

"Maasai Mara Predators ranks as one of my favourite trips. Entim Camp excels in understanding photographers’ needs. Its location, in the centre of the Mara, is excellent - we could readily explore in any direction. Tents are comfortable, with power strips for charging batteries downloading images. Tasty buffet style meals allowed us to eat quickly then get back to reviewing images. The staff is friendly, attentive and responsive. Safari vehicles are comfortable even the back row with lots of room for camera gear. Maasai guides are knowledgeable and personable. Visiting during the shoulder season in late February 2018 meant no tourist hordes yet there were still enough “eyes on the ground” to allow many good sightings. Wildlife is diverse and fairly easy to find. Shem and Andre are excellent leaders whose prediction fulfilled our needs. They also pointed out options to portray wildlife in their environment, which I would not have visualized. Their critiques of my images and others’ images were a great learning experience. This was my second safari with C4 and it won’t be my last! I highly recommend C4 Photos Safaris. Pam Holmes"

Pam Holmes
12 April 2018

Masai Mara, Kenya and South Luangwa, Zambia

"In September I toured with C4 Images to the Mara, with a great group of fellow photographers who had Isak and Kyle as guides. Jonathan Scott BBC Big Cat Diaries was in attendance for a day. He is a very knowledgable and interesting person. Sightings included a lion pride with 13 cubs, a coalition of 4 male cheetahs, leopards, a black rhino, 4 lionesses trying to take down a buffalo and of course a wildebeest crossing. Stunning. The week seemed to pass too quickly. The photo critiques and Lightroom lessons by Isak and Kyle were excellent, and we all gained a lot of knowledge from the experience. Entim Camp was perfect with good people and the best of food. South Luangwa Isak and myself travelled to Kaingo Camp after after the Mara and this was totally different to what I expected. The camp is on the river bank with long expansive views. The food was excellent with good cabin accommodation. We had incredible sightings of leopard, lions, wild dogs etc. Also had early morning starts photographing the sun rising through the Ebony forests. Will I return You bet. Cant wait, and with C4 of course."

Ian Butt
02 November 2017

Masai Mara

"This was my first trip to the Mara, it was long awaited and I was very excited to be there. Firstly, Andre, Kyle and Ruth were just fantastic, great people and easy to be with. They are all extremely accomplished photographers and so knowledgeable about nature the environment and wildlife, which made it enlightening and interesting, I learnt a lot from each of them especially about wildlife photography, they were wonderful hosts. Also having Johnathan Scott on board for a day was such a treat, he is so knowledgeable and such a really nice down to earth guy. Whilst we didn’t get to see a crossing we had some amazing sightings of Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, Black Rhino’s and of course many hundreds of Wildebeest and many Zebras, Eagles, and you name it, we saw it, the photo opportunities were just amazing. The Landscape with open plains, beautiful Sunset’s and Sunrises was truly breathtaking. I have been to the Kruger and Botswana before but seeing wildlife on these open plains is something else. We also visited a Masai Village which was quite an experience and privilege to see. I was with a nice bunch of people, made some new friends, enjoyed the camp the food was great, my driver John was a nice young guy, we got along great. A wonderful Photo Safari and I will go back again and definitely with C4."

Barry Barnes
09 October 2017

It has been a dream of a lifetime and a WHOW trip to Kenya.

"“Thanks for all your "behind the scenes" organizing to make this superb trip possible for us! It has been a dream of a lifetime and a WHOW trip to Kenya. André and the team did an amazing job, and everything was so well organized, from the airport transfers to the lovely food at Entim. The Serena is a great hotel to start the visit to Kenya, and Moses was such a calm and collected driver to bid us farewell at the end. It also helped a lot that we could send the luggage with the combi to camp. André went out of his way to take us on a special birding trip to Ilkiliani as we were on a mission to find as many birds (and new species) as we could manage. The guide at Ilkiliani, Wilson was outstanding, and he really did his utmost to find us a lot of new and interesting birds - and it was great fun. Right through the trip it was great to know that André was calmly in control of everything that happened around us, and it was lovely to be on a vehicle with him - with all his knowledge of the veld. Neil was an asset to the trip, and I'm so glad that we could have time with him too. We've learnt a lot from him and he's now totally convinced me to start working my images in RAW. He's a great teacher. And then our driver - Jackson, whow! We felt really privileged to have him as a driver, although it was at Kayalami pace sometimes to get (nearly first) to a kill or a scene. We soon realized that he is one of the leaders in the community, and MUCH more than just a driver as the other guides were quickly to tell us if there was something happening. It was a bonus that they had permits to drive up to the animals so that we could get amazing images. The Entim staff under Musha, David and Maureen really amazed us with the quality of service in the bush! They were always friendly, and with a genuine interest in our days and what we've experienced, and Maureen and some of the others even taught me a few Swahili words - which was great fun. The food was excellent, attractive and very tasty and whow - they can make soup! I think we've gained a few kilos with all the desserts, but I didn't manage to say "no thank you" when it looked so great... The Masai guards were really great and they helped us to carry the equipment around, which helped me a lot. On our last evening, we had a birthday celebration and the Masai gave us a great show at the fire. Together with that, the visit to the Masai village was also a highlight, and most enjoyable. I love their colourful beadwork. I'll gladly go back tomorrow if I can! Africa is so in my blood... ""

Kina Joubert
06 October 2017

South Luangwa & Masai Mara Photo Safari

"We have safely returned home after a very successful safari. Everything went according to plan including the last minute changes. We were last at Entim Camp 7 years ago when it was a bit smaller. It brought back fond memories as it was then our 1st C4 trip. The Mara is a special place and always delivers with incredible sightings. Working with the Masai guides is always fun as their culture is so different to ours but they sure know the Mara and have a good sense of humour. Entim Camp was very comfortable. The management and staff do a great job. We always have fun with the C4 personnel so we enjoyed our time with Andre, Kyle and Ruth and hopefully learnt more to improve our images. Kicking back in Cape Town afterwards was a welcome change after a hectic safari schedule. Many thanks for all the behind the scenes work – all the airline, accommodation, transfers worked really well. Our biggest dislike of travel is getting from place to place and hanging around airports. It is very comforting to know that we are in such good hands. "

Nev Bryant
04 October 2017

Mara Magic

"Went to the Mara again after 5 years My first trip was with Andre and it was so unforgettable that I simply had to return We were a group of friends accompanied by Isak and Kyle and it was equally spectacular The sightings in the Mara cannot be compared to anywhere else and the photographic opportunities are remarkable. But its the C4 team that makes it special. Wonderful photographers, teachers and nature lovers that not only teach me a lot about photography but have also become my friends. "

Leonie Scholtz
03 October 2017

Masai Mara

"Photographically this was by far my most successful safari ever. Both Isak and Andre were fantastic. Although Ive been a photography addict since I was 16 years old, I learned a fortune from them both and my love for the medium was so strongly reinforced just because of this trip."

Raphael Melnick
09 September 2016

Masai Mara Exclusive Safari 2014

"We have to say that this was by far the best holiday that we have taken thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Shem and Greg. Not only with the camera but also with the Masai Mara. When we originally booked this safari we wanted something different other than the Mala Mala experience. These guys delivered starting on the first evening out by taking us to see a Cheetah Malaika, with 5 beautiful cubs. On the second day we were very fortunate to witness a river crossing with a few crocodiles which made it perfect with all of the drama that was created when the Zebras and Wildebeests crossed the water. Shem and Greg also made us realize how important lighting is when photographing wildlife in Masai Mara. By maximizing the ’golden hours’ and taking us out at sunrise and sunset they contributed to making wildlife photography a memorable experience. We saw so many different animals than on our first safari. This included the sighting of a Pangolin, which was also a first for 2 of our drivers and 2 of our guides in all of their years in the Masai Mara! Karanjas photo is one of our favorite photos. It took several days to find this Black Rhin and not just any Black Rhin but this exquisite specimen. You have to agree by looking at the size of its horn. We were lucky on our last evening ride to notice a blur of him in the bush. However, because of all of the vehicles surrounding him he refused to come out into the open. But our group was committed to photographing Karanja and on the last day of the safari, and just before we departed, we were fortunate to find him in another location. He was lazing in the bush and it made it perfect for photographing as he was not a mere blur. The icing on the cake was when he stood up and felt relaxed enough to start walking and feeding around our vehicle. This allowed for excellent photography. Thank you and look forward to our next safari with C4! "

Jimmy and Angie Sandoval
05 October 2014

Masai Mara Migration Safari

"My family and I have just been privileged and blessed to have spent 6 days in the Masai Mara with C4 images and Top Billing. I wanted to thank and commend Shem and Albie for the most awe inspiring and once in a life time experience. I know that their masterful and insightful bush knowledge, love of nature and their expert skill in capturing the moment in an image, have contributed to us enjoying the greatest show on earth to its fullest extent. Also having world class photographers in your vehicle, allows one to capture extra-special personal images to keep as a memory of that moment for life. We were lucky to witness rare and beautiful sightings of Cheetah and her 5 cubs, mating lions, a lion kill interaction with jackal and hyena, and a visceral wildebeest river crossing, all in one day.Our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Shem, Albie and Entim camp for a mind-blowing bucket list experience."

Spencer Burke
29 September 2014

Masai Mara 289 - 0410 2014

"It had been my long time dream to photograph wildlife in the amazing Masai Mara and despite my very high expectations, this years trip with with Shem and Albie exceeded anything I had imagined. While the Mara did its best to deliver endless, amazing sightings -which Shem, Albie and our guide Sammy seemed to find on demand frolicking cheetah cubs, week old lion cubs, serval, a young family of jackal in the dawn light, two crossings, mating ostrich, the list goes on! - while our guides ensured that we were always positioned for the best light and in anticipation of where the action was moving to. But for me the real highlight of this trip was how Shem and Albie ensured that we took time to look up from the viewfinder and enjoy the whole Mara experience, finding amazing landscapes, portraying animals in their environment and imparting a wealth of knowledge about the ecosystem, behavior and of course photography. Thank you for delivering such a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience. You can be sure that I will return. David Hanrahan "

David Hanrahan
28 September 2014

Maasai Mara Migration Safari

"Maasai Mara September 2014 If you have any doubts about going to the Maasai Mara with C4 Safaris - just do it! We enjoyed a fabulous trip with C4 in September 2014 to see the Great Migration in the Mara and were fortunate enough to see three crossings during our stay. We have always booked previously with a UK based travel agent to ensure we had ABTA and ATOL protection. We discovered C4 by chance as we have never seen them advertise in the UK and after careful research, we decided to take a chance and book with C4 as we really liked their itinerary, choice of accomodation and most importantly their professional photographer guides looked very impressive. What a great decision! Everything was superb. Our initial contact email was responded to by Shem Compion himself, the company owner. Minette dealt with the booking process and the lens hire more later very efficiently and always responded quickly to my queries. Once at Nairobi, all of the housekeeping arrangements transfers and stopover hotel etc were excellent. Our small aircraft flight to the Mara was a great experience, our accomodation at the Entim Private Explorer Camp was very good and the food was acceptable. A key point for us was that the camp is inside the national park so we were not constrained by park entrance and closing times. The location, near the Mara river was fantastic and as the camp is unfenced animals can and do come very close to the tents on occasions. Going to bed to the sounds of the African Plains was a magical experience. Our game drives were incredible, our local guide, Anthony, was first class and regulalrly found us great sightings. Our photography guides, Isak and Heinrich were outstanding and both patiently helped us to improve our technique over the course of the trip. We really enjoyed their different personal styles and their company. We were also extremely lucky, the famous wildlife photogrpaher Art Wolfe was in the camp making a documentary and one evening after dinner Art spent over an hour critiquing some of our groups images, providing us with some invaluable feedback and encouragement. In summary, a wonderful trip to a stunning location to see one of nature’s great spectacles. This was our third trip to Africa in the last couple of years and as people warned us, we have definitely been bitten by the bug. Mark and Angela "

Mark and Angela
07 September 2014

Masai Mara Photo Safari

"Our Maasai Mara photo safari with C4 Images exceeded our expectations! Izak was a perfect photo guide and Jackson a perfect guide/driver. Both are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and engaging. Together they delivered an experience full of learning, discovery and enjoyment. Our many animal sightings and up-close views of their behavior were amazing, and were the heart of the photo-safari experience. Izak and Jackson seemed to always have new surprises for us! Photo opportunities in abundance! Our C4 safari experience was great from beginning to end, from the 5-Star Serena Nairobi Hotel experience and luxury Entim Private Explorer Camp, to the amazing Maasai Mara itself."

Larry and Carmen Stunkel
07 September 2013

Masai Mara Entim Camp

"The Mara and Entim camp exceeded my expectations for photographic opportunities and also the overall ambiance and experience. I of course expected and got nothing but the best from the gracious and helpful hosts Shem Compion and Albie Venter having already traveled with Shem to Botswana on a previous occasion. The Masai Mara is simply a wildlife photographers paradise and what better way to experience it than with C4 Images Safaris staying at the exclusive and small Entim private camp! Thanks! I wish I could go back tomorrow."

Morden OHare
01 September 2013

Maasai Mara 13-20 October 2012

"My husband and I have just returned from a week long photography safari with C4 in the Maasai Mara. It was truly an amazing experience. We saw 5 crossings of which 4 was at the campsite were we stayed. As were our experience with previous trips with C4 the photographers that were the trip leaders were exceptional and extremely helpful. The practical organization of the trips are also of a very high standard and Minette is always very friendly and helpful with individual requests."

Teresa Nel
13 October 2012

Massai Mara Migration Tour

"My first time on Safari and also first time in Africa. C4 and Kenya left a memorable mark on me and I definitely hope to go back to Africa and I would not hesitate to travel with C4 again. Unforgettable sightings, great tour leaders, impeccable service and amazing food at the camp. Unfortunately C4 couldnt deliver the best possible weather and light but I wont hold that against them ;)"

Johan Siggesson
08 September 2012

Masai Mara 2010

"The best wildlife experience of a lifetime. The location of the lodge within the Masai Mara reserve adds the extra time in the morning and evenings critical for photography. A must for any person planning to visit the Mara. Three photographers per vehicle only, a huge draw card!!"

Henri and Melanie Loubser
01 January 2010

Kenya 2010

"Awesome! Fabulous! What more can we say? Greg & Shem, your photographic skills, incredible enthusiasm, deep knowledge & love of the African wilderness enabled our keen Aussie group to experience the best of the best in the Samburu, Lake Nakuru & Masai Mara areas. A big thank you to you both and to our friendly & knowledgeable drivers and your great team who made it all happen. It was a totally enriching experience in so many ways and one which we will cherish for many years. We plan to return soon."

Rosemary & Phil
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2010

"WOW! From the abundance of wildlife, to the jaw-dropping sight of the crossings, to the ever watchful eyes of Africas predator force and within all this organised chaos, the quiet and breath taking magnificence of the sunrise & sunset, this is a safari you have to do. Not forgetting our ever friendly, intrepid professionals, Shem Compion & Isak Pretorius, who take the art of wildlife photography to a new & inspiring level. Thank you both for making our trip that much more!"

Michael an Lynette Borcherd
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2010

"What a magnificent experience! Thanks Shem for arranging a life changing trip for us! Thanks also for teaching me as a novice so much about photography in the short time we were able to spend together! We hope to be able to do this again in a few years!"

Harty and Anne Borcherds
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2010

"If you like photography and animals there is no better tour on the planet. BBC type opportunities on a daily basis, expert photography tips and advice. What I hoped to see in 7 days we saw in one game drive!"

Pieter de Weerdt
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2009, 2010

"I am returning to the Mara yet again with C4 this year from the USA. This will be my 6th trip to Africa and my 3rd with C4. I thought my comments might help those who are weighing and comparing all the options available for tourists who are looking for quality not only for photography but for the most up to date information on the animals and the environment. My first trips were with large companies who did a nice job for a first time tourist to Africa. We went from place to place to see the major attractions, spending quite a bit of time in pre-planned shops with lots of driving time. It is clear that much of the information regarding the animals rely on how much your driver knows about the area and much of the information is relayed via phone to other drivers. If you are weighing expenses, consider the time you are actually spending doing what you came to do and then factor in the cost of the best training (in my opinion) for photographing those things and there is no comparison. Not to mention the amazing Masai who just cant do enough for you and I have come to look forward to seeing again. I would welcome any questions anyone might have about C4 and all the top of the line photographers and support that represent it. N Im not paid to do this, I dont hesitate to comment on excellence, it is valuable to those who are researching their next trip."

Linda Morisson
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2010

"It was a life-long dream to see the abundant wildlife on the plains of the Mara and I finally got my opportunity to go with Shem and C4 Images & Safaris in September 2010. To say that I had high expectations from this trip would have been an understatement in the extreme. Yet, the Mara delivered massively and it was everything I had hoped for and so much more. The quality of the sightings is truly impressive even without any Wildebeest crossings as the abundance of predators is simply sublime. We were so fortunate to add to that, several Wildebeest crossings; one of several thousand and that is an experience which I will never forget. It was very comforting being with C4 Safaris who managed the logistics and travel arrangements with aplomb. Not once was I uncertain over what to expect or where to go and what to do and that is testimony to the experience that Shem and his guides bring to the overall experience. I cannot recommend this tour more highly for anyone who wants to add this to their bucket list.jpgk you Shem, Greg, Andre and Minette for a most memorable experience!"

Ian Weatherburn
01 January 2010

Masai Mara 2009

"The trip to the Masai Mara was a trip of a lifetime. We had incredible sightings and Shem Compion and Greg du Toit were always on hand to share their experience with us. We were not serious photographers when we set out on the trip but I think the bug has bitten after experiencing the incredible sightings we had. The arrangements for and during the trip were efficient and well planned. We can highly recommend C4 Images and Safaris to anyone who is considering a trip. "

Frank and Heather Ferreira
01 January 2009

Masai Mara 2009

"The Masai Mara 2009 tour far exceeded all of my expectations. It was an enjoyable blend of great wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. The experience and knowledge of both Shem Compion and Greg du Toit made the tour one of the most constructive holidays of my life. "

Neil McDonald
01 January 2009

Masai Mara 2009

"The saying that the migration of wildebeest in the Masai Mara is the greatest natural show on earth is a reality. Everything in the Masai Mara is outstanding and can only aptly be described by adjectives such as its golden grasslands, big skies, prolific wildlife, unbelievable predator sightings, breathtaking sunsets/rises, red-robed Maasai people and many more. In addition to its visual attractiveness, a visit to the Masai Mara is an emotional experience."

Andre Lighthelm
01 January 2009

Masai Mara 2009

"Well run trip for the avid photographer. Lots of time to take the pictures and lots of different wildlife to see. With most things, a certain element of luck is involved so one must enjoy the experience as best as possible. Will be back again"

Gary Hughes
01 January 2009

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