PhotoMashatu Hides

What are photographic hides?

These are structures built to specifically maximise the photographic potential of the subjects that visit them. These hides can be used to view animals in the normal manner, but have been positioned to consider the angle of the sun, the background as well as the angle you are to the animals and birds. If you are a photographer you will notice all of these things immediately and it will enable you to get some absolutely stunning photographs. The results of the images taken form the hides have been published in many magazines and books as well as have won some major awards. This is an indication of just how well the hides are built for photographers. The PhotoMasahtu wildlife photographer will accompany you in the hides. They will help tutor you with the various camera techniques to ensure you get your great images. Have a look at the PhotoMashatu website which gives you a beautiful overview of what you can expect at the Matebole Underground Elephant hide.


Why Mashatu?

C4 Photo Safaris chose Mashatu for a number of reasons:

  • C4 Photo Safaris have been leading tours and workshops to Mashatu since 2005 and know the reserve very well.
  • Mashatu is a semi-arid area. This means animals are attracted to water in the dry season (June – October), making it an excellent location to allow animals to come to you.
  • Drying pools in the rivers attract flocks of storks and herons late in the rainy season (February – May), where the semi-permanent hides will be in use.
  • Excellent elephant sightings for the elephant hides.
  • Excellent birdlife for the bird photographs.
  • Open landscape that makes for easy photographing of wildlife.
  • Excellent and healthy predator population.



Pricing is in US Dollar.

Photographic rates 2017   
Hide Session – Half Day (Morning or Afternoon session) $70 $75 $80
Hide Session – Full Day (Morning & Afternoon session)
$130 $140


Exclusive use of Matebole Hide – Half Day (Morning or Afternoon session – 8 pax) - $340 $560
Exclusive use of Matebole Hide – Full Day (per day AM to PM Morning & Afternoon session – 8 pax) - $760 $960
Tutoring at camp. Not included in hide fee     
$50 $60 $60
Lens Rental (per day)
$95 $70 $70
Lens Rental (half day
- $40 $40
Canon 7D body (per day)
$50 $40 $40
Canon 7D body (half day) - $30 $30
PhotoMashatu Vehicle* $500 $600 $650


Persons per hide (excludes photographer guide):

 Matebole hide: 8 clients


PhotoMashatu Vehicle: (per day - maximum 4 pax, but ideally suited to 2 pax. This includes 1 optional tutor session per day & 1 x hide session subject to availability upon booking. For dates 1 December - 1 June each yearL "book3 days, pay 2" and "book 4 days, pay 3" special on photo vehicle.)

If group is greater than 4 persons, the rate is $500 for hide useage plus $50 per person attending the course per day. This ensures exclusive use of the photo hides. Clients can also book exclusive use of the hides if they are less than 4 people. This is $500 (2017) a day. The rate of $50pp/pd (2017) still applies for day-time tutoring if they require it.


Conditions of Use

* Exclusive use is for groups or single photographers who would like the hides for their own private use. The rate is a per day cost and gives clients access to all hides during that day. If you are a group of 8 pax from 1 March 2018 or more it is usually more cost effective to use the exclusive use rate than the per person rate. Exclusive use of the photographic hides is only appicable to the Matebole hide, subject to availability.

  • All guests using the hide have to be accompanied by a PhotoMashatu wildlife photographer.
  • Should the PhotoMashatu wildlife photographer be unavailable, guests of Mashatu can utilize the hides, at the normal rate in the company of a Mashatu guide.
  • We recommend that photographic hides are pre-booked prior to guests arrival.
  • No children under the age of 12 permitted in the hides.
  • The hides will be closed for maintenance at year end. Please contact our reservations team to enquire about availability and hide closure dates.
  • Guests will be required to sign an indemnity form before using the hides. This is separate to the Mashatu indemnity.
  • All the hides are seasonal and activity may change due to a climatic, or other reasons. You will be notified upon making your reservation if the hides selected are not active.


The concession

PhotoMashatu will have resident wildlife photographers based at Main camp to help guest photographers when they are at camp. They can hire out the use of the photographer to join them on game drives as well as for the photographic hides. He/she will also be available for tutor sessions in camp during the day. Additionally, you can hire out the PhotoMashatu vehicle, in which you will be accompanied by your own personal photographic guide. All guest photographers booking and using the photographic hides will be booked through Mashatu reservations as an additional activity. This will be charged as per the photographic concession rates. Guests at Mashatu may use the hides for normal game viewing purposes as well as photography, but still accompanied by the PhotoMashatu guide.