2017/03/12 to 2017/03/18

Serengeti Calving and Predators 12-18 March 2017

Tour Dates

 Over the past 6 years C4 Images and Safaris have run photo safaris to this magnificent, but large wonderland. We have now refined this itinerary to give you the ultimate experience of the Serengeti calving season. Spend 5 glorious nights with us deep in the beating heart of this ecosystem. We have a located and partnered with a small camp, far away from other lodges with their own airstrip. From here we have exclusive access the reserve as well as the game management areas- perfect for locating and spending time with the calving herds of wildebeest.

From this base you will head out to firstly witness the spectacle of the calving wildebeest and secondly search for hunting predators. This season attracts predators in search of easy prey. Our count for the last 5 seasons reads: 5 kills in 5 days, 6 kills in 5 days and 3 kills in 4 days. If it is predatory action you are after then this is the safari for you. Expect to see lion and cheetah on a daily basis, with black backed jackals and hyena as daily additions. Its not only the mammals that come to feast- Birds of prey are everywhere during the calving season and this must be the best place in Africa to photograph raptors!

Optional Mahale Extension

There is a maximum of only 6 photographers allowed on this trip, split into two vehicles and with two professional photographic leaders. This means that there are only three photographers per safari truck and that for every single safari drive you take, you will benefit by having a professional wildlife photographer on-board. 

If a non-photographing partner joins, they must share a row in the vehicle with their photographing partner. This way all single photographers can shoot out the left and the right of the vehicle.



Make sure you join us on this fantastic itinerary that has been refined with experience to give you the best opportunity to witness the calving migration and the associated action it attracts with it. It is surely one not to be missed.

Greg du Toit will be leading this safari. Greg has led our last five years in the Serengeti and each year follows the migration throughout the year. He has an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem and brings his predator photography experience instincts with him on this safari. He will add immense value to your safari with his knowledge of predators, in camera settings for action photography and deep knowledge of the ecosystem gained from living in east Africa for 4 years.

Please Note: We have removed Ngorongoro crater from the itinerary. The vehicle rules inside the crater have changed, now allowing many more vehicles inside the crater. There are now too many vehicles for good photography. We wont compromise our photographic integrity by leading you to a destination that does not offer you the best wildlife photography experience. If you would like to visit the crater we will easily arrange a full service add-on to your safari. Ngorongoro remains one of the wonders of the natural world and is a spectacle in itself. Please contact us should you wish to do so.


Highlights to and what to photograph

The plains of the Serengeti offer almost unlimited opportunity for photography. It is a photographic nirvana that ensures cameras constantly trained on something exciting...

  • Endless plains scattered with the odd umbrella thorn tree, creating the quintessential African scenes.
  • This is the place to see millions of animals crossing endless plains.
  • The birthing of the wildebeest calves- a serene scene to say the least.
  • Unparalleled sightings of Lion and Cheetah.
  • Good leopard sightings.
  • Brilliant interaction between predators and prey - the new born calves attract predators large and small.
  • Excellent birding - From small sparrows to large raptors.
  • The attraction of smaller predators.
  • Beautiful African sunsets over the Serengeti plains.
  • Elephants, Giraffe and other large mammals.
  • Water holes filled to the brim with snorting and fighting Hippopotamus.


Day 1

Legendary Lodge, Tanzania

International Departures to Moshi- Kilimanjaro Airport. From here you will transfer (20 min) to the Legendary Lodge where you will overnight. If you are doing the Mahale extension prior to this trip you will not spend this night in Arusha, you will fly directly from Mahale to Kusini Camp on the 13th of March.


Day 2 - 7

Sanctuary Kusini Camp, Tanzania

An early morning flight sees us head towards the Serengeti. Sanctuary Kusini offers a Serengeti safari like no other. This is the only permanent camp in this unspoilt and remote part of the Serengeti and every year wildebeest congregate on the camp's "doorstep". Perfectly set in the remote southern part of the Serengeti, Sanctuary Kusini's location was specially selected after much research by our guides and the local experts. It overlooks the plains where game are a common sight all year round. Built around a spectacular rocky outcrop and on the path of the wildebeest migration, the camp is ideal for seeing cheetah and wildebeest that congregate on the grassy plains in the calving season from mid-December to March.