Highlights Of Mashatu 2022

11 October 2022 - 16 October 2022 Space Available

Within the Northern Tuli game reserve tucked away into the most eastern corner of Botswana lays Mashatu privately owned game reserve.  This is a land unlike anything else in Botswana, it is drier than the Delta, yet has large river courses unlike anything in the Kalahari. Straddling the Shashe, Motloutse and Limpopo Rivers, which serve as natural boundaries with Zimbabwe and South Africa, the Northern Tuli Game Reserve (NTGR) comprises 71,000 hectares of remarkably diverse habitat, including Mopane bush land, riverine woodland, and marshland, punctuated by towering sandstone cliffs, basalt formations and unusually shaped kopjes – making for truly breath taking scenery.

It is not uncommon to find leopard reclining in one of the large Mashatu trees, which makes Mashatu one of the best Predator viewings especially in winter months. The soft rays of the winter sun make lion, leopard and cheetah really glow. As usual, the cheetah are found on the open areas, allowing for easy, close up viewing. Water is starting to become a premium and it is not uncommon to find elephants digging in the riverbeds for water, which lies just below the surface. At the waterholes, doves and guinea fowl come down each day to drink. This attracts birds of prey and gabar goshawk and tawny eagles are commonly seen. With the birth of giraffe in May, there are always a few deaths- this always attracts black backed jackal, spotted hyena, white backed vulture, lappet-faced vulture and even cape vultures. 

And then there is the famous Matebole underground hide. With two sessions in the hide, you can expect to come eye to eye with birds and mammals alike. But when the elephants arrive, your breath is taken away, for this is an experience of a lifetime and one that cameras can't photograph fast enough.

With the added addition of the Tuli area in Mashatu to this workshop, you now have the opportunity to explore one of the most scenic areas in Botswana. Sandstone kopjies that harbour not only dramatic wildlife, but elephant and leopard too.

Due to Tuli Lodge now becoming a part of Mashatu, this workshop is a first of its kind. Come and join us in exploring what Mashatu has to offer and making magic with the camera.

Please see the highlights below to see what unique offerings this workshop offers.

  • 2 Nights tent camp with Trevor hosting and on the photo vehicle to assist in getting the best that wildlife images that Mashatu has to offer.

  • Tutor session by Trevor on wildlife photography.Full day hide with Trevor.

  • 1 night in Mashatu lodge to unwind after a full day in the hide.In the evening Trevor … will give a talk on night photography.

  • Early morning game drive or enjoy the beauty of this camp.

  • 2 Nights Tuli with Trevor hosting and ensuring that all the wonders of this area are captured. From nights shoots among the sandstone ridges and baobabs to elephant shrews and common flat lizards.

  • An afternoon hide session in a portable hide near what is know as the swamp. Amazing bird life and if lucky the elephants might just come in for a drink.

  • More night photography with more sandstone ridges and baobabs to play with.


About your host, Trevor Kleyn

African wildlife is where his main interest lies and to gain a better understanding of this subject Trevor trained as a nature and trails guide while simultaneously completing a diploma in digital photography. He’s been on photographic safari throughout most of Southern and East Africa.

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Day 1 - 3

Arrival at Midday.

You will arrive at Mashatu at midday. Your professional photographer and host will open proceedings with a short talk on what we can expect over weekend.

Drive 1 is about enjoying and relaxing. This drive is used to take photos ‘as you are used to’, so that it sets the benchmark to measure the images taken at the end of the weekend against. Before dinner, the photo guide will give a short presentation showing a variety of images and how, by using specific aspects, you can alter and change an image dramatically.

Day 3

Exclusive Full day Hide session

The Matebole Hide is located in an ecotone between mopane grasslands and the thicker central game viewing region of Mashatu. This unique combination of these two habitat types creates a wide diversity of bird and mammal species which reside this area. Elephants in this region migrate daily in the dryer season, heading north in the evenings to feed and south in the mornings. The Matebole Hide is situated along these main daily migratory routes, making their visits to the hide very frequent.

There is nothing as thrilling as sitting quietly in a hide waiting for the animals to come towards you. In one morning session you can expect about 10 bird species and multiple mammal species, with the elephants drinking at arms length from you being the unquestionable highlight. In some cases you may get mud sprayed over you by the elephant! This safari will give you the opportunity to have a full day (AM and PM session) in the hide. 

Predators are seen frequently too. Being eye to eye with a wild lion is an experience you will never forget.