Intimate Namibia 2020

17 May 2020 - 31 May 2020 Space available

On the South West coast of Africa lies one of the world’s most desolate intriguing and photogenic natural areas – The Namibian Desert. Namibia boasts countless incredible landscapes as well as being one of Africa’s best wildlife destinations. From the Towering red dunes of Sossusvlei to the granitic spires of the Spitzkoppe mountains, one could believe that these landscapes were created for the sole purpose of being photographed.


Namibia is home to some of the world’s most regal and adapted fauna and flora, like the Oryx Antelope and the Quiver Tree. In the South lies the abandoned site of one of the greatest diamond rushes in human history – the sand filled ghost town of Kolmanskop. At Walvis Bay one can bear witness to one of the largest congregations of flamingoes in the world. Some highlights of the tour:

  • Private Tommy’s Living Desert Tour.
  • 3 extra hours in helicopter, now 5 in total, split 50/50 between Sossusvlei and Swakopmund in a R44 helicopter or similar.
  • Extra day in Swakopmund, Sossusvlei and at Spitzkoppe.
  • Namibia’s most isolated and special destinations.
  • Half-Day Private Boat Cruise in Walvis Bay to view Flamingoes, Pelicans, Dolphins and Seals.
  • Full Board included.

Join us in 2020 for the opportunity to experience and capture this amazing destination from the ground, water and air. It will be our 10th year organizing dedicated photographic tours to Namibia.

About your host, Isak Pretorius

Isak was born to be a photographer, but before he discovered this, he became an engineer. Once he picked up a camera, his engineering career came to an end and Isak has now established himself as one of the top bird photographers in Africa. The benefit of his engineering training is his flawless technical knowledge of camera systems and the post processing software that accompanies them.

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Day 1 - 2

River Crossing Lodge, Namibia.

Upon arrival in Windhoek, you will be collected from Hosea Kutako International Airport and transferred to our lodge, which is situated in the mountains just outside Windhoek. Once the whole group has checked in, we’ll go for dinner at one of Windhoek’s best restaurants. Everyone will have a chance to tell their photographic story and the guides will give a breakdown of the days to come and what to expect.

Day 2 - 3

Qiuver Tree Forest Rest Camp, Namibia.

On the second morning, we’ll have breakfast and then hit the road South towards Quiver Tree Forest, where we’ll spend one night. This is where the famous quiver tree forest lies and the Giants Playground.

Found only in South-western Africa, Quiver “Trees” are actually very large succulent plants. Their cracked golden-white bark and remarkable shape make for fantastic photos. While Quiver Trees are found throughout much of Namibia, they aren’t always easy to get to as they prefer rocky high-lying terrain like mountain ridges. Quiver Tree Forest offers two locations that have a high density of Quiver trees amongst interesting rock stacks on low-lying, level ground. Both locations are within 5 minutes of our accommodation and easy to explore. We’ll arrive at our destination early afternoon, leaving plenty of time for everyone to familiarize themselves with the trees. After sunset we’ll have dinner at the lodge and get to bed early.


Day 3 - 5

Luderitz nest hotel, Namibia 

After spending time with the special trees, we have a 3.5 hour drive to the West, where we’ll get a break from the heat in our hotel on the rocks in Luderitz Bay. Situated just 10 minutes from Kolmanskop, this hotel will be our base for the next two days.

Situated just 5 minutes inland from Luderitz, Kolmanskop is the long forgotten site of one of the greatest diamond rushes in human history. Luderitz bay was established as a harbour by the Germans in the late 1800’s and by pure luck, someone stumbled upon a diamond under a full moon in 1908. This quickly led to a flood of prospectors and it was soon clear that just inland of Luderitz was the world’s greatest and easiest ever find of diamonds. Within a few short years there was a full blown diamond rush and the German mining companies invested a fortune building an entire town in the middle of nowhere. Everything from the door frames to the paint was imported from Germany. The hospital had the Southern Hemisphere’s first X-ray machine and they had so much money they could afford to ship water from the mountains near Cape Town as the local supply was too brackish for their liking.

In a few short decades, nearly 1 million carats of diamonds was mined just from processing the surface sand. By the 1930’s the yields were dropping sharply and there were more promising finds further South near the Orange River. The mining companies withdrew their funding and the town was quickly abandoned. The last families left in 1956 and today the desert is reclaiming this once-glorious town. Despite being flooded with sand, the dry climate has done a magnificent job of preserving the colourful rooms.

There are well over 25 rooms worth photographing, so even a large group can all go exploring individually and feel like they have the ghost town to themselves. Thanks to around 50 visits (and counting), Hougaard knows Kolmanskop like his own house. On the first afternoon he will show everyone all the best rooms, varying from the iconic to the unknown. In early March the tourism season has barely begun in Namibia and we should be able to find a couple of rooms with rippled sand. Perfect Kolmanskop shots don’t just happen... we have a few secret tricks up our sleeves that only our guides and past Namibia clients know of. We go to really great lengths to ensure that you get the iconic shots, perfectly lit and with powdery smooth sand. We also arm you with the knowledge of the location to go exploring for new and unique photos.

We pay a special fee, included in the tour price, for a special photographic permit that allows us free access to Kolmanskop. The normal visiting hours are just from 09:00-13:00.


Day 5 - 9

Sossus Dune Lodge, Namibia 

After a final morning in the ghost town, we’ll hit the road North towards Sossusvlei. This is the longest and most exhausting drive of the trip, but the scenery along the way is spectacular. We’ll stop at the first of two places who claim to have the best apple pie in Namibia.

The colossal orange dunes and the dead trees of Sossusvlei are without a doubt Namibia’s most famous and visited landscape. The area within the park that is so famous is the ancient valley that the Tsauchab River cut through these colossal dunes on its journey to the Atlantic. Many millennia ago, the dunes started to block the river’s path to the sea and today the result is a wetland amongst the world’s highest dunes. This special culmination of geographic and meteorological circumstances has resulted in one of earth’s most unique and interesting landscapes. It is the last life of a landscape, dying a slow death on a time scale much too large for us to appreciate.


The photos of dune spines that seem to rise up into the sky are all taken along the 40km drive into Deadvlei. Thanks to the valley’s East-West orientation, sunset creates deep black shadows on the Eastern side and bright red colours on the Western side of the dunes (and vice versa in the morning). This offers great opportunities for telephoto shots of dune spines that dwarf the trees below. While shooting these photos we will also be on the lookout for some Oryx and if we find one we’ll do our best to frame it below a dune in the right spot.



The real highlight at Sossusvlei is Deadvlei - Situated at the end of the Tsauchab valley, this section of the wetland was cut off from Sossusvlei by a low dune an estimated 700-800 years ago. The lack of water, arid climate and hard wood of the Namibian Camel Thorn tree has kept the trees from decomposing. The result is a collection of ghostly trees rising from a cracked white clay pan. The pan is deceptively large and offers about 50 of the oddly shaped trees to photograph. The location can be overwhelming at first, but our guides know the location well and will assist everyone to find the best trees and photograph them adequately.

All participants will have at least 3 opportunities to visit Deadvlei and for those willing to brave the afternoon heat, we will happily take an afternoon group. It is usually empty in the afternoons as tourists prefer doing the hike over sand in the mornings, when the temperature is more pleasant.


Photographing Deadvlei at night is a very controversial subject. Permission filming permit, but this avenue has been closed down to all but commercial filming companies. Nowadays there is an alternative way to arrange night time access and we have been allowed access for the past three years without any trouble. We hope that this arrangement stays in place going forward, but we can’t and don’t want to make promises that we can’t keep. We don’t see any reason why our arrangement will fall through – we have been taking tours to Sossusvlei for almost ten years now and we have an excellent relationship with the park’s staff. We simply want anyone booking for this tour to be aware of the fact that a night shoot in Deadvlei simply cannot be guaranteed (by us or any other company) due to factors beyond our control.

IMPORTANT: Reaching Deadvlei requires walking 1.1km on soft sand and over a dune that is about 50 meters high. The climb is very gradual and we’ll tentatively only do it in the mornings when it is still cool. For a person of reasonable fitness it won’t be a problem. The guides will always be available to help carry heavy camera equipment when the going gets tough.


Day 9 - 12

Green Fire Desert Camp, Namibia

After a final sunrise at Sossusvlei, we have a 2.5 hour drive south to the coast. We’ll stop along the way to conclude who has the best apple pie in Namibia on our way to the Namibrand Nature Reserve.



The Namib Desert in the west and the Nubib Mountains in the east are largely responsible for the wide variety of habitats that are found in the NamibRand Nature Reserve. It is an area geologically in transition from rocky mountains to true desert and this has created a series of broken hills and open plains interspersed with the remnants of large dunes. All these factors create a wealth of photographic opportunities. Since you are allowed to walk around freely on most of the farms, except for some restrictions in sensitive areas, you really do have free reign to explore, making the reserve perfect for great photography.

Day 12 - 13

Hansa Hotel, Namibia

An early start to the day, where we will head up to Swakopmund. We will be staying at the Hansa Hotel for 1 night.



During our stay here, our photographic focus will be on the birds and animals of Walvis Bay. Situated just a short drive South of Swakopmund, this town is home to very large congregations of flamingo and can be photographed in the rolling dunes or in the estuary. In the evenings we’ll take a stroll to one of Swakopmund’s fantastic restaurants for a seafood dinner and in the mornings you can wander town for a perfect cup of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

Day 13 - 14

Spitzkoppen Lodge, Namibia

This is one of Namibia’s most photogenic destinations, but was until recently inaccessible to photo tours because there wasn’t a lodge or hotel nearby. That changed with the completion of the new Spitzkoppen Lodge, situated just a 5-minute drive from the iconic arch and water pools.

These granitic spires rise from level plains like the spine of a subterranean dragon. The highest peak reaches up to an incredible 1780m/5300ft. On stormy summer days, thunderstorms approach from the East and can bring exciting and dramatic light to this iconic destination. The new lodge also offers exclusive access to the Northern side of the mountains, which were previously only accessible by guided tour in daylight hours.

Day 14 - 15

River Crossing Lodge, Namibia.

After breakfast on the last day at Spitzkoppe, you will be transferred to River Crossing Lodge for your last night in Namibia.


Day 15

Windhoek International Airport, Namibia.

Drive back to Hosea Kutako International Airport  in time for your international departures. This is the end of the safari.

River Crossing Lodge

River Crossing is located on a pristine 6500-hectare game reserve and rediscover the nuances of a bygone era of farm life and offer the discerning traveller all the modern amenities.  The main lodge building comprises a dining room, a centrally situated bar, a lounge with fireplace, a wellness room, a curio corner, and a conference room seating up to 65 delegates. Nestled outside between the lounge and dining area is the pool. The elevated wooden deck offers a fairy tale view of Windhoek.

The Lodge and the rooms have been designed to emulate old German farm houses –and pots of geraniums. The 20 guest chalets consist of 14 twin chalets and 6 double chalets (all chalets have en suite bathrooms with showers, loos and basins). All rooms have the feather duvets wrapped in 100% cotton, the environmentally friendly guest amenities and the unparalleled service and hospitality is well known.


Quiver Tree Forest Rest Camp

Located on the farm Gariganus just 13 km north-east of Keetmanshoop on road M29, offer tourists comfortable accommodation amid a pristine Namibian landscape. On the farm visitors can explore the ancient and famous Quiver Tree Forest and the dolerite rock formations of the Giants Playground at their leisure.



Luderitz Nest Hotel

Lüderitz Nest Hotel is Namibia’s leading four star resort hotel and is located directly on Lüderitz Bay with its own private tidal beach and with walk-on jetty – unique to Namibia. Spacious rooms offer direct sea views, most with balconies. All rooms have en-suite facilities with either a bath (with overhead shower) or shower cubicle.


Hansa Hotel

What you’d never expect in the world’s oldest desert, Namibia’s finest and oldest Hotel. The Hansa Hotel - nestling in the very center of the charming little town of Swakopmund, wrapped in the shape of a timelessly classical building dating from 1905, and integral part of Swakopmund’s architectural heritage, offers you a feeling of being enveloped in a luxurious and sophisticated hospitality with a satisfying blend of both classic atmosphere and truly elegant interior, matched with friendly and personalized service. At the Hansa Hotel, they pride themselves on providing only the finest, most luxurious accommodation. Each room is individually decorated and fitted with under tile or under carpet heating, 15 satellite television/radio channels, direct dialling telephones, hairdryer, safes, coffee/tea facilities.


Sossus Dune Lodge

Sossus Dune Lodge lies just 4km from the Sesriem gate, at the base of a mountain. There are magnificent views of the distant dunes to the west. It is the first, and currently only, lodge to be built in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Guests can walk directly from the lodge into the nearby Sesriem Canyon. Sossus Dune Lodge is an ideal destination to admire and photograph the stunning scenery of the Naukluft Park’s high red/orange sand dunes.



Sptizkoppe Lodge

The lodge is situated on the northern periphery of the Spitzkoppe inselberg, between huge granite boulders, which were created more than 150 million years ago, with breath taking views onto the Brandberg and Erongo Mountains. The stylish, private accommodation consists of 15 spacious, tastefully furnished chalets, each with private bathroom and outside viewing deck, which connects the guest with the vast stretches of untouched sand and boulders beyond.

The buildings are linked with elevated walkways all constructed to be wheel chair friendly and minimise the impact on the environment. The development and operations are integrated with nature. Limited use of concrete with elevated floors and decks and composite materials for walls, which can be dismantled easily, will enable nature to restore itself in just a few months after deconstruction. Sensitivity towards wildlife and heritage was paramount in all the stages of the development. The tented roof shapes simulate the surrounding rock formations and soften the square building plan form.

Water, which is unfit for humane consumption is sourced from boreholes and purified with our own reverse osmosis plant. The lodge is connected to the national grid by way of a 5km long underground cable for it’s electricity supply, all to ensure minimum disturbance of the spectacular archaeological landscape.

$10 500.00 price per sharing person

$11 500.00 price per single person

Maximum of 8 clients and minimum of 6 clients. 

30% deposit confirms your booking. Balance payable 8 week before tour start date.

The above costs include

  • Meet and greet at airport and all road transfers.
  • Two persons per room (i.e. shared double occupancy), unless single supplement option is exercised and secured at the time of payment of deposit.
  • All your transfers for the entire duration of the tour in 3 high end 4x4 vehicles with maximum insurance in Namibia.
  • All meals commencing with dinner on 17 May 2020 and finishing with breakfast on 31 May 2020.
  • All tourism taxes and park entry fees.
  • All beverages excluding premium wines and liquors.
  • All accommodation/lodging costs.
  • One professional photographer, guiding you throughout the workshop in Namibia.
  • Images and presentations on light, composition, camera techniques and more, data projector for viewing on screen and coverage of digital work-flow.
  • Continuous assistance with your photography and image processing by the guide.
  • The services of a highly experienced local guide and driver.
  • A highly experienced tour leader with great knowledge and experience of landscape photography.

Costs not included

  • International Flights.
  • Premium wines and liquors.
  • Gratuities to staff and guides.
  • Extra activities not included.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance & visas.
  • Non-meal-time snacks and drinks.
  • Credit card surcharges.
  • Guarantee of any specific weather conditions like thunderstorms. We always do our absolute best to make sure we visit a destination in the ideal season and this tour is planned in hope of thunderstorms and interesting clouds.

Day 1

Upon arrival in Windhoek, you will be collected from Hosea Kutako International Airport and transferred to River Crossing Lodge for one night.

Day 2

On the second morning, we’ll have breakfast and then hit the road South towards Quiver Tree Forest, where we’ll spend one night.

Day 3

After spending time with the special trees, we have a 3.5 hour drive to the West, where we’ll get a break from the heat in our hotel on the rocks in Luderitz Bay. Situated just 10 minutes from Kolmanskop, this hotel will be our base for the next two days.

Day 5

After a final morning in the ghost town, we’ll hit the road North towards Sossusvlei. This is the longest and most exhausting drive of the trip, but the scenery along the way is spectacular. We’ll stop at the first of two places who claim to have the best apple pie in Namibia.

Day 9

After a final sunrise at Sossusvlei, we have a 2.5 hour drive south to the coast. We’ll stop along the way to conclude who has the best apple pie in Namibia on our way to the Namibrand Nature Reserve.

Day 12

An early start to the day, where we will head up to Swakopmund. We will be staying at the Hansa Hotel for 1 night.

Day 13

This is one of Namibia’s most photogenic destinations, but was until recently inaccessible to photo tours because there wasn’t a lodge or hotel nearby. That changed with the completion of the new Spitzkoppen Lodge, situated just a 5-minute drive from the iconic arch and water pools.

Day 14

After breakfast on the last day at Spitzkoppe, you will be transferred to River Crossing Lodge for your last night in Namibia.

Day 15

Drive back to Hosea Kutako International Airport  in time for your international departures. This is the end of the safari.

Thank you for your Testimonial, it's much appreciated!

Intimate Namibia March 2017

"This 2 week journey was really a landscape photographers dream. The locations visited and the time allotted were excellent. With 8 participants and 2 instructors, we all learned a great deal and came home with some very special images. The instructors were absolutely tops with deep experience in general and in these locations and were very skilled with sharing their knowledge. Help and advice were always available. Logistics, accommodations, meals and transport all went smoothly and were great. For me, it was the trip of a lifetime."

Rick Workman
30 March 2017

Canon Collective Namibia tour 2016

"My experience on the Iconic Images and C4 Photo Safaris, photo safari to Namibia was one to remember. The entire tour was extremely well planned and organized and every spot we visited was well thought out. In short, it was most definitely one of those ‘trip of a lifetime’ opportunities and I learnt so much in such a short span of time. It’s so great to travel in a small group of like minded, passionate individuals and coming home with folders of remarkable images is just the icing on the cake! Special thanks to Hougaard, Andre & the Canon Collective leaders for their guidance and to our drivers Albert, Ckastro and Lazarus for making it all happen."

29 December 2016

Canon Collective Namibia tour 2016

"We would like to say how much we enjoyed our recent Namibia photographic trip with Iconic Images & C4 Photo Safaris. The photographic opportunities were amazing, as was the knowledge of Jay and Emma from Canon. Hougaard Malan was an inspiration for landscape shots and Andre Cloete from C4 Safaris was great for his broad knowledge and skill with wildlife shots. Everything was well planned and we were incredibly well looked after. We would love to go again one day. Many thanks."

Jane and Benn
25 October 2016

Canon Collective Namibia tour 2016

"We have just returned from a magnificent trip with the Canon Collective/Iconic Images Namibia 2016 – it is hard to describe the trip other than it was magnificent. As winner of the Canon Light Award it was an honour to be there – I managed to do every shoot on offer as well! The guides were magnificent and drivers first class. The accommodation was well above average and if any prospective clients are reading this, you have to go on one of these adventures to truly experience Africa first hand. The images you walk away with will remain with you for a lifetime. The itinerary was very good with an easy start leading into a full-on/no-messing-about photo safari ending with Etosha on our last shooting days. You got the feeling that there was a lot of jealousy with the other tourists crammed into their ‘tin cans’ (4 to a seat) at Etosha while we had a row each! We left with new friends, 25000 images, some great laughs and fond memories. A special thanks to Andre, Jay, Emma, Hougaard, Lazarus, Albert and Ckastro… "

Alistair McBurnie
23 October 2016

Canon Collective Namibia tour 2016

"I have just returned from the Canon Collective/Iconic Images Namibia 2017 tour and can’t thank Jay and Emma of Canon for their generous help and advice on photography. They are both amazingly good representatives of Canon and excellent teachers. They have definitely taken me to another level with my photography and for that I thank Jay and Emma and Canon/Iconic Images for organizing such an excellent Namibia tour. I was a little reticent about joining the trip as I am a Nikon user but am glad you reassured me that it would not be a problem. I very much enjoyed the use of my Canon camera and lenses and have to admit that I have been “converted” I would also like to thank Hougaard Malan as our landscape Namibia specialist for his knowledge and advice. His boundless energy kept us very busy and we all came away with great photographs. Lastly, I would like to thank Andre Cloete as our wildlife photography specialist. As the representative of C4 Photo Safaris, Andre was always on hand to help with our photography, be the “fix it” man, or entertain us with his knowledge of Africa and his sense of humour. I loved Fish River Canyon, Deadvlei, Etosha, Kolmanskop, and the Himba Village and it was great to have a mix of landscape, portraiture and wildlife photography to hone my skills on. Thank you again Denis for another excellent Canon/Iconic Images trip. I would not hesitate to recommend any of your photography tours. I have already booked on the Canon Collective/Iconic Images East Africa 2017 safari, next September – not to mention Ethiopia in January. I can’t wait.. "

Wendy Kennedy
14 October 2016

Canon Collective Namibia Tour 2015

"Apologies for my tardiness in providing feedback on the trip, no excuse is really a justification, just a heart-felt, image immersion therapy? First up, I just want to thank you and the Canon/C4 Photo Safaris combined team, for making my second trip to South Africa, even better than the first! For each and every part of the trip, from the initial planning, to the day-to-day execution, it was all fantastic. For me, having to just turn up and the ‘everything’ is taken care of, and just to get into the car and take photos, was beyond heavenly. The accommodation, the transport, the Rangers, the drivers, the locals, the atmosphere, the surprises, the food (especially the quality of the food), the animal sightings – it was all outstanding. We were never lacking in our choice of something to see or something to hear about, all the while contemplating – ‘just what could be better than this?’ Well, just wait a few minutes and there will be another something, that will just be beyond your expectations, all over again. My absolutely favourite memory, was the tour group itself, my main car fellows, Peter and Julie, twin-share tent-buddy Gemma, the Canon/C4 teams combined, John; Llianne, Peter R and Jenn. Meeting and hanging out with a complete bunch of strangers can sometimes be a daunting proposition for people but after 11 days together, it was more like being with family, only with a massive dose of hilarity thrown in. I have never laughed so much in my life and I don’t think the guides and drivers had ever been so bombarded with ‘Ózz-isms’ either. And that’s not taking the you-know-what! Denis, the professionalism of the C4 Team, trackers, drivers and all the camp staff, at both Mashatu and Beyond are to be highly commended and we all felt that little bit special by their welcoming and friendly demeanour. The expertise, tutoring endless patience by Jay, Colin and Andre was exceptional. This is by far the most advantageous way to experience a photography course. Total immersion in the technical side while on an all encompassing field trip, all rolled into one. No where else can you learn new techniques, get immediate hands on and in-depth experience and then going out in the great wide open spaces with your onboard expert and put what you have learnt in to practice. If you have ever wanted to learn more about cameras, photography, go on a’ safari’ or a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ trip see what it is all about or just to’ tick off the Big 5′, then this is by far and away the ultimate way to do it. I cannot recommend the Canon/C4 team experience highly enough! If anyone out there has ever wanted to go home with stories to tell your family/friends or have more memories than you will ever need in a lifetime, then this type of tour is MUST!. During our technical sessions, we were asked what we liked, what we would like and what we had missed, so in that tradition…. Bud – over 6000 images to make my family/friends go through, again and again and again (ha)! Rose – the entire trip. Thorn – being back in ‘reality’ and waiting to go again…"

Karen Johnstone
24 December 2015


"We had an amazing experience and Julie and myself enjoyed every moment of the trip. Andre is a great credit to yourself and to his homeland of Africa. He is a very passionate and committed, generous individual that really helped to make the tour the success it was. Jay and Colin were likewise very helpful generous and knowledgeable with their time and the Canon product. These three people really did you and Iconic Images proud. I think that Julie may have had a couple of simple suggestions that she will send you as positive feedback, being that we are also in the tourism and travel industry. Overall we would not hesitate to recommend the tour or your product to anyone, and it was obvious the way we, as the guests were all treated, that you set an extremely high standard and you expect that high standard from all your crew and suppliers. The Mashatu Team and also the Ngala Team went out of their way to ensure that we were all looked after way above the normal and that in itself suggests they all hold your product and business in high esteem. I do hope that we can get time next year as a family to join with the tour that you are planning for Namibia as outlined by Jay. I see great synergy with what you and we do in our tourism and conservation ethics and businesses, and I aim to find some way to share some of that synergy in a business sense at some point in the future. All the best and thanks again for a great tour. We will put together a couple of our own images and see if they are worthy of your page."

Peter Gash
02 December 2015


"There is a very good reason why this is my fourth overseas trip [counting aerial photography at Rottnest Island!] with you, and my second in conjunction with C4 Photo Safaris and Iconic Images International – the total experience is compiled with excellence of all components in mind. The people were all friendly and combined local knowledge with technical expertise constantly. Our drivers and trackers were breath-taking on occasions in the way they tackled their respective tasks, getting us into the most unlikely of positions for great angles with good light. They and the professional photographers demonstrated their knowledge of animal behaviour by predicting paths the animals would follow and setting up the shots beautifully. Lioness with back lighting? Done. Leopard up a tree silhouetted against a setting African sun? Done. Hyenas before,during and after locating dinner? Done again. What a collection of truly iconic images we have on our hard drives as a result, and memories forever embedded in our brains. Patient teaching and the stunning new Canon gear enabled me to record many tolerable birds-in-flight shots for the first time. Andre Cloete’s bird knowledge is encyclopaedia,and next time I will record him and not try to write notes!. Special thanks to Jay and Colin for supplying me with the D1X and the new 200-400mm lens for the entire trip, and teaching me to master a little of the power of this top notch gear. As usual, accommodation was excellent, particularly the hot showers under the stars at Mashatu, and the food was superb at both sites. This was another wonder-filled trip, and I thank you."

Peter Randell
02 September 2015


"The Canon Collective African photo safari can only be described as a trip of a lifetime. Something every traveller should experience. For photography novices like my wife and I, to have access to professional Canon cameras bodies and various Canon telephoto lens, whilst initially intimidating was quickly overcome with guidance from Jay Collier and Colin Baker (from Canon Collective) and Andre Cloete (from C4 Photo Safaris). Their patience at answering basic photography questions, enabled our familiarity and confidence to grow quickly in operating these sophisticated digital cameras. Jay, Colin and Andre’s advice on composition, aperture, shutter speed and ISO camera settings was invaluable in assisting us obtaining some memorable images. The opportunity to photograph numerous species of wild animals including, lions, elephants, leopards, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, wild buffalo, kudu, giraffe, hyenas (to mention but a few) plus various birds in their natural environment was truly amazing. Once again thank you for co-ordinating a holiday experience second to none which I will have no hesitation to recommend to both photography enthusiasts and novices alike. "

John & Lianne Deinema
02 September 2015

Iconic Namibia 2015

"Iconic Namibia 2015 was indeed iconic. A return journey for us to Namibia. We were there with Denis and Shem previously in 2012. Always a risk a second journey would disappoint but there was certainly no danger of that. Pam and I were travelling with Canon’s new 50 MP beasts and they were given a hearty workout. Fish River Canyon, Kolmanskop and Sossusvlei were outstanding opportunities for new images under the disciplined, expert eye of Hougaard Malan. Hougaard wields a wide angle lens like no other and provided excellent advice. We captured images that would have been impossible without his extensive local knowledge. Serra Cafema on the Angloan border was just a treat – some fabulous landscape images in this remote wilderness. Outstanding portraits of a local Himba tribe in perfect light. Lastly Etosha turned it on for us at our favourite waterholes of Newbrowni and Okaukuejo. Iconic images of a very weary lion covering two females in the late light at Newbrowni was a fitting end to the expedition. Many thanks Denis and Shem for another very iconic journey. What more can we say but: “It’s hard to be disparagingly glib, when travelling in the Namib. Well, the things that we saw, it was nature in raw. To Shem and Denis, we dip our jib”"

Wayne Osborn
25 August 2015

Namibia Self Drive

"The self drive photographic tour of Namibia was exceptional. Thanks to Shem (for the chauffeur driven tour) and Denis Glennon of Iconic Images in Perth for the most fantastic photographic trip imaginable. One of the really enjoyable aspects was the access to the photographers and the help they offered with good grace and understanding of my limited ability. While I have photographed wildlife before with Shem and Denis in Kenya this trip was especially good as I learnt about landscape photography. It went well beyond my expectations and I have come home with some truly amazing images.jpg accommodation, meals and the places we visited were superb. Shem and Denis had really done their homework.jpge were many highlights but just to mention a few, the balloon flight over the dunes at Sossusvlei, the sunrise and sunset shoots at Dead Vlei and the leopard hide at Okonjima.jpgks also to my fellow travellers for their company and friendship."

Helen Newnham
06 July 2012

Namibia 2011

"C4 Images provided a wonderful atmosphere and location to learn landscape photography. I produced wonderful images and became more versed with my cameras manual settings. It was a wonderful way to spend a vacation!"

Brian and Shelly Kirkpatrick
01 January 2011

Namibia 2011

"The Namibian Photographic Workshop was an excellent overall experience.jpgestinations were carefully chosen. The input of Shem and Hougaard throughout the trip made it an excellent learning experience with enough practical experience balanced with presentations."

Glynnis Salvado
01 January 2011


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