Lesotho 2023

9 March 2023 - 14 March 2023 Space Available

Africa has many surprises and Lesotho is one of the biggest and most fantastic surprises on the continent. A tiny mountain Kingdom, Lesotho, by virtue of its location and geography, offers some incredible landscapes with world class opportunities- many of them not fully explored… the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and clouds offer a variety of landscapes which in the high altitude are ever changing.

Yet, what is most underappreciated in this landlocked country, is the incredibly rich cultural aspect of the Basotho people. It’s hard to fathom how remote some aspects of the culture live. Trekking to meet the shepherds in the mountains you will meet young men tied deeply to the land tending their flocks. The shepherds live as authentic a life on the land as you will ever meet. Their hats and blankets make them stand out against the landscape, adding striking drama to the landscape.

Indeed, the Basotho hat is a famous emblem of identity. With time and creative input, it has evolved into a blend of function and form that adds a great deal of interest to a cultural visit. On this visit to Lesotho, you will encounter world-class landscapes and as rich a cultural experience as you will find on any part of the continent. We have chosen the dates for the late harvest season- which showcases the terraced fields beautifully and makes for a photographically very rich experience.