South Luangwa Emerald Season Photo Symposium 2022

4 December 2022 - 10 December 2022 Space Available

South Luangwa’s green season is a magical time and place for wildlife photographers. This is not common knowledge and is still considered a secret. The colourful vegetation, animal action and interaction of the breeding season, amazing cloud formations and few tourists in the Park makes this an ideal time to add something spectacularly different to your photo portfolio.


Following on from the highly successful first photo symposium in 2019, This symposium is specifically designed to offer the most affordable way to experience a photo safari to one of Africa’s top National Parks, in Isak’s favourite season. You will have the chance to learn the techniques to create your own stunning portfolio of wildlife photographs by having a professional photographer close at hand, both on the two game drives a day, and the classroom style presentations that will be conducted between the game drives. Photographers of any level are welcome, whether you are picking up a camera for the first time, or if you are already an expert photographer. Isak will help you take your photography to the next level.

The Luangwa Valley is a magnet for wildlife. It is one of the few wild and untamed wilderness areas left in Africa. Lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas flourish in this rich ecosystem that is a paradise for elephants, buffalo, zebra, giraffe and other general game. With the backdrop of the winding Luangwa River, the massive forests of African Ebony Trees, and the oxbow lagoons, you can’t beat this as one of Africa’s top wildlife photography experiences.


From December to April each year, South Luangwa transforms into an emerald green jungle. The colourful vegetation adds a new dimension to the typical brown-toned photo portfolio of South Luangwa’s popular dry season. Mfuwe Lodge is the perfect location for the green season. All the general wildlife and predators are still active around the Mfuwe Lodge area, the Lodge’s all-weather roads is the reason that the lodge is one of only a few that can stay open in the wet season, and being one of the only open lodges located inside the park it conveniently eliminates the entry through the park gates on each drive. There is a good chance that you will experience a rain shower during this symposium, which is considered a great advantage to capture those unique “animals-in-the-rain” photos. So, be prepared not only with a good rain coat and camera protection, but also to add a new dimension to your photo portfolio.



  • Classic scenes of the Luangwa river meandering through the wide river banks.
  • Hundreds of Hippopotamus in the pools and main river.
  • Large elephant herds in the woodlands, drinking at the rivers edge and in front camp.
  • One of the only places to see Thorny-crofts Giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis thornicrofti.
  • Excellent lion population.
  • A strong wild dog population.
  • Very high density of leopard, with very relaxed individuals.
  • Flocks of storks, herons and egrets feeding in the drying pools for fish.
  • Excellent sightings of large water birds in the Luangwa River.
  • Buffalo herds drinking at the rivers edge numbering into the hundreds.
  • The colourful vegetation creates images unlike anything you’ve ever photographed in the dry season.
  • Lodge is located inside the park – You can start to photograph the wildlife as soon as you drive out of the lodge, unlike everyone else who has to go through the Park entrance gate.
  • The magic of the emerald season is still unknown and considered a secret, so you won’t see many other tourists in the Park.
  • The green season in Africa is the height of the breeding season where all predators takes advantage of the abundance of prey.
  • Long night drives with strong spotlights offers the best chance to see genets, civets, owls and leopards in Africa.
  • The main aim of the symposium is to show you great sightings and teach you both technical and artistic skills to elevate your own photography.
  • We cater for all levels of photographers, from beginners to the experts – everyone will feel welcome.
  • The symposium is 7 days long and is longer than a typical photo workshop means that you have a better chance of seeing amazing sightings as well as a chance to explore all the genres of nature photography.
  • Unfenced with free roaming animals, this is an authentic African wilderness experience.


About your host, Isak Pretorius

Isak was born to be a photographer, but before he discovered this, he became an engineer. Once he picked up a camera, his engineering career came to an end and Isak has now established himself as one of the top bird photographers in Africa. The benefit of his engineering training is his flawless technical knowledge of camera systems and the post processing software that accompanies them.

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Day 1

Lusaka International Airport, Zambia

You will arrive at the Lusaka International Airport and you will be met by a C4 representative, where you will then be transferred via a scheduled flight to Mfuwe Airstrip in the South Luangwa National park for you 6 nights stay at the Mfuwe Lodge.