South Sudan Photo Safari 2024

1 November 2023 - 30 April 2024

USD $10†750,00 pps / USD $12†750,00 single

This webpage offers you a glimpse of the safari. For the full details of the safari with a day to day itinerary, full logistics, details of accommodation and a comprehensive list of what is included and excluded, please download the full brochure.


  • Your Guide: Shem Compion
  • Group Size: Maximum 3 participants (Minimum 1 participants required)
  • Recommended for: Photographers of all levels that are looking to immerse themselves into and capture the incredible cultural scenes of Africa.
  • Fitness level: Average to Good - There will be walking to and from your photo opportunities, mostly over flat terrain on uneven ground. Not appropriate for guests using mobility aids.
  • The C4 Experience: This itinerary has been curated by our highly experienced team to maximise your photographic opportunity. Our guides are amongst the most acclaimed photographers in the photography world - guaranteeing you expertise, experience and service. We take care of every detail from the moment you arrive until the end of your safari.

South Sudan -
A Feast of Rich and Intense Exploration
In a fully immersive Experience.

There are few places in the worlds where you can meander around a group of people going about their business and photograph to your hearts content. This is one of the last places where you are free to wander, and photograph, to your Hearts desire. The richness and intensity of life in a cattle camp overwhelms you. The Ankole Watusi cattle, with their long, sabre like horns make remarkable patterns. The Mundari washing their cattle, the smoke and the ash blowing in the wind, the young boy workers sweeping up the ash and the scarred women and men, with ash on their faces all combine to make a scene so overwhelmingly rich in photo opportunities that your senses (and camera) go into overdrive. The Mundari adore cattle to the extent of massaging them, naming themselves after their bulls, washing in their ash and showering in urine. The connection is one that goes way beyond our appreciation and translates incredibly well into the photographic medium. Each session is a feast of exploration and guided by Shem Compion, you will gain insights into the lives and rituals of a cattle camp, eking out photo opportunities you didnít know existed. In the young country of South Sudan, expect to have one of the most rich, immersive and intimate cultural experiences possible in Africa. The country is raw and wild - this is a frontier. Tthe experience of time in a cattle camp is as authentic and as photographically rich as you can dream and you will return home with images very few others have. Uunique in every aspect of their lives. I invite you to join me on this very special expedition here we will capture images as rich and as rewarding as you could ever imagine.


Safari Highlights
  • Camping in a cattle Camp. We will camp on the outskirts of the Cattle camp and simply walk into the camp each day, having the freedom to visit anytime of the day.
  • Shem Compion will guide and inform you. Shem has years of experience with African cultures and specifically the Mudari.
  • Experiencing Mudari traditions and rituals.

Photography Highlights
  • There is so much subject matter to spend time with, and the 6 nights will be used to its fullest. We only retreat when the camp goes to sleep.
  • The Mudari are extremely friendly and allow us complete autonomy to wander around and photograph them during their daily rituals.
  • The Ankole Watusi Cattle have impressive lyre shaped horns that make for great depth and repetition in a photo. When they corral for the evening, the sight of between 2000-5000 cattle congregating is photographic nirvana.
  • Mornings are spent following the herders gathering dung, washing in urine, ashing cows and the ladies milking the cows - a veritable delight of opportunities.
  • The tall and lithe Mudari are extremely photogenic. Add that to the ashing rituals they perform on themselves and their cattle, you have amazingly moody scenes.
  • There is always the possibility of being invited to a Mudari wrestling match. These are amazing events, with up to 3000 people joining in the spectacle. Wrestling is a major part of Mudari culture and heritage, so having any ringside seats would be an absolute privilege.

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Shem Compion
1 November 2023 - 30 April 2024