Lekkerwater Nature Photography Masterclass 2022


11 July 2022 - 15 July 2022 Space Available

In the eastern corner of the De Hoop Marine Protected Area, where few people have ever set foot, lies the new Lekkerwater lodge. Accessed by a private road within the reserve and formerly the location of FW’ de Klerk’s “Camp David” beach house, this idyllic location is the site of Natural Selection’s newest lodge. With a rich and fascinating history, incredible fauna and flora, pristine beaches, verdant rolling hills and abundant sea life, the focus is on the experience. An experience of being surrounded by nature for 4 nights and having your camera by your side to enrich your experience to another level. This will not be another photo workshop, it will be a masterclass of recognising your environment, accepting it and producing relevant images from the experience.

Here we will immerse ourselves in the natural surroundings, discovering the power of unbridled imagination, child-like curiosity, intuition and vision in the journey of the photograph. We will spend time learning that either side of the moment we choose to press the shutter is a journey of discovery – the journey of capture and the journey of expression.