Mashatu Zimanga Photo Safari 2025

6 June 2025 - 16 June 2025

USD $7 950,00 pps / USD $9 850,00 single

This webpage offers you a glimpse of the safari. For the full details of the safari with a day to day itinerary, full logistics, details of accommodation and a comprehensive list of what is included and excluded, please download the full brochure.


  • Your Guide: Aubrey Tseleng
  • Group Size: Maximum 6 participants.
  • Recommended for: Photographers of all levels that want to experience and photograph the best of African wildlife in pristine wilderness while improving their photographic skills.
  • Fitness level: Low to Average - You will be required to climb onto and off a safari vehicle and do some short walks. The terrain over which you drive is unpaved and can be bumpy and dusty.

  • The C4 Experience: This itinerary has been curated by our highly experienced team to maximise your photographic opportunity. Our guides are amongst the most acclaimed photographers in the photography world - guaranteeing you expertise, experience and service. We take care of every detail from the moment you arrive until the end of your safari. This trip takes you to the greatest show on earth.

Zimanga and Mashatu together create an extraordinary fusion of photographic exploration and African wilderness immersion

This captivating Photo Safari combines the best of African wildlife photography at Zimanga and the mesmerizing wilderness of Mashatu. Your expedition will lead you through two distinct yet equally enchanting landscapes, where your senses and camera lense’s will be awakened capturing unforgettable moments. Begin your adventure at Zimanga, a wildlife haven nestled in Zululand. This reserve has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of photographers of all levels. From exclusive wildlife viewing experiences to unique photographic opportunities, Zimanga offers an unparalleled safari adventure. Encounter over 80 species of mammals, including iconic creatures like giraffes, elephants, lions, and cheetahs. Zimanga is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, boasting an impressive variety of over 400 bird species. Photographic hides, like the Bird Bath Hides and the Lagoon Hide, offer front-row seats to capture avian wonders up close. Transitioning to Mashatu Game Reserve, affectionately known as the “Land of Giants,” you’ll step into an ancient wilderness spanning 90,000 acres. Nestled at the crossroads of Botswana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, Mashatu’s diverse habitats support a rich tapestry of wildlife. Witness the largest elephant population on private property in Botswana, as well as leopards, lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. Your lens will capture the vivid landscapes, from Woodland Savanna to sweeping plains and sacred Sandstone outcrops. Mashatu’s sunken photographic hide, a hidden gem, brings wildlife to you. Positioned for optimal lighting and offering a unique low perspective, this hide has yielded award-winning images. Elephants, alongside a myriad of mammals and birds, frequent the waterhole, ensuring thrilling photo-graphic opportunities. Whether traversing the open landscapes on guided safaris or awaiting the perfect shot in hides, your senses will be captivated by the vibrant life that defines these landscapes. Zimanga and Mashatu together create an extraordinary fusion of photographic exploration and African wilderness immersion, leaving you inspired to return to the heart of wildlife and capture moments that will forever adorn your memories.


Safari Highlights
  • Great wildlife viewing in both locations, particularly predators.
  • Incredible bird viewing and photography in both locations.
  • Very different hides and experiences between the two locations.
  • Totally contrasting landscapes between the two locations.

Photography Highlights
  • Mashatu Highlights:
  • Close quarter photography of predators like lion, leopard and cheetah.
  • Excellent, open sightings and photography of very relaxed elephants.
  • General game is relaxed and easy to photograph.
  • Beautiful plains areas interspersed with rocky kopjes.
  • Beautiful sandstone rock formations on the Limpopo River - excellent for landscapes.
  • Viewing is generally open and clear - allowing for easier photography.
  • Large Baobabs and Mashatu trees dominate the skyline- providing excellent photographic subjects.
  • Zimanga Highlights:
  • The hides are absolutely bursting with productivity.
  • In this extraordinary haven, the wildlife has become accustomed to the presence of humans and shed their natural shyness.
  • Prepare to be amazed by the incredible variety of birdlife in this magnificent destination. With its unique geography, Zimanga is home to a multitude of beautiful and sought after species.
  • Top class facilities, particularly for photographers. 

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Aubrey Tseleng
6 June 2025 - 16 June 2025