A wildlife haven

Botswana is one of the flattest countries on record. That though, is where the monotony ends, for its wildlife diversity is figuratively, quite mountainous. Spend time in any one of its reserves or wildlife areas and you will quickly realise that this is a country with some of the best wildlife photography to offer in Africa.

Much of Botswana’ northern geography is sculpted by the Okavango River flowing in from the northwest of the country. The most famous of these is the Okavango Delta, which is the flagship conservation area of the country. Not that the other reserves deserve less attention - both the Chobe and Central Kalahari Game Reserves are almost equally well known around the world as fantastic conservation areas.

Lodging in Botswana is excellent. An array of lodge offerings means you can stay in comfortable accommodation, or the highest end safari lodge on the continent - depending on your budget. Supported by an excellent logistics infrastructure, the safari industry in Botswana is very strong and can cater to any budget and luxury.

Unprecedented Wildlife Diversity

World Famous Okavango Delta

Some of the best wildlife photography in Africa

39% is under conservation