There is a talent to building the perfect safari that comes with years of experience. We pride ourselves in delivering safaris that are as diverse in their luxuriousness or rugged appeal. All that matters to us is that a safari fits your needs.

Our reputation of perfecting your safari needs means that 70% of our guests are return visitors, planning to explore more of unchartered Africa

A crafted JOURNEY

A major part of our core business is building Custom Photo Safaris. This includes safaris into remote locations, as well as luxury destinations. We have done this for film crews, frequent travellers, celebrities and small private groups. Each safari garners the same amount of attention to detail so that any trip

- Meets your exact and precise needs.
- You travel according to your own time schedule.
- you have access to C4’s knowledge of the seasons, climate, animal movements and local knowledge to ensure your safari is as perfect as can be.


Word of mouth referrals are sacrosanct to us as such we assign all our efforts into making each safari a wonderful experience drawn from our considerable history of safaris in Africa.

We welcome you on safari as if we are welcoming you into our home – which is the reception we expect you to have when travelling with us.


On these safaris we offer the option of one of our C4 professional photo guides.

A personal professional photographer to guide and tutor you is the best way to improve your skill level and ultimately your images. This is a common request and we have various guides with specific specialities that will help on your chosen genre.

Being able to have one-on-one tuition with an acknowledged specialist in the field is your best way of to improve your images.


With considerable expertise in aerial safaris and aerial photography in Africa, we can help you plan some of the most incredible aerial photography on the continent. From austere desert landscapes, through to flamingo filled pans, we have the experience, contacts and local knowledge to take your breath away with Africa’s aerial beauty.

A personal experience LIKE NO OTHER