Mashatu Photo Workshop November 2017

Date 2017/12/07 13:37:23 by Shem Compion

Summer is now in full swing at Mashatu. Some of the summer migrant birds begin to arrive.  It is not uncommon to find leopard reclining in one of the large Mashatu trees, which makes Mashatu one of the best Predator viewings.  

The soft rays of early morning and late afternoon sun make lion, leopard and cheetah really glow. As usual, the cheetah are found on the open areas, allowing for easy, close up viewing. Summer is now in full swing at Mashatu, the temperatures are rising and the chances of convectional thunderstorms are good although the real rains are still a month away. It is not uncommon to find elephants still digging in the riverbeds for water, which lies just below the surface or visiting the PhotoMashatu underground hides. At the waterholes, doves and guinea fowl come down each day to drink. This attracts birds of prey and gabar goshawk and tawny eagles are commonly seen.


Photographs by Isak Pretorius


Photographs by Trevor Keyn