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One of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories is Zakouma National Park in Chad. Together with African Parks, Zakouma has seen a transformation of incredible proportions. It is thus quite remarkable that Zakouma National Park in the country of Chad has remained off the radar for so long, yet it produces spectacular photographic opportunities in pure wilderness.

The park is open for only 11 weeks of the year and at 8 persons per group, there are less than 100 tourists that who visit this camp and the park each year. The contrast of adventure and the remoteness make it one of the most exciting destinations in Africa today. Tourism is virtually brand new to the region and thus you have freedom to explore and experience the reserve and its wildlife in a unique way, a far cry from the set and scheduled operations of other safari experiences in Africa. This is a safari destination that no one is talking about because no one has been there. It is in the heart of a 350 000ha unfenced wilderness where lions roam as they have for time immemorial. This is a wild Africa that excites, entices and is very full of life.

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The conservation success of Zakouma