Why comeon a Premier Photo Safaris
with C4?

C4 Premier Photo Safaris are designed to give you the highest possible photographic safari experience. Combining our already excellent flair for finding photo rich environments, on a C4 Premier Photo Safari you can expect a smaller group of photographers, more guides per photographers and luxuriant accommodation to make your travels in Africa as comfortable as possible. You can expect a private guided safari experience at the similar cost of a standard scheduled safari.

This results in an experience that offers you the best of what every destination has to offer. Here are the principal advantages of travelling on a C4 Premier safari:

  • Smaller groups of travellers.
  • Lower guide-to-client ratio ensuring you get as much attention as you require.
  • Only two-three photographers per vehicle - Highest standard accommodation.
  • Often, this is also to out-of-the-way destinations.
Search through the selected Premier Safaris below to see how carefully we choose and design these safaris. Feel free to enquire about any questions via e-mail here.


Group sizes of 6 - 8 guests, excellent comfort & timed for the perfect season.


One C4 photo guide per 2/3 guests. Award winning wildlife photo guides, instructive and inspirational talks whilst on safari, One-on-one tutoring in camp.


2/3 guests per vehicle plus 1 C4 guide per vehicle, Constant guiding with a C4 guide always on your vehicle. A private safari experience at the cost of a scheduled safari.