Untouched wilderness

Whilst not on many peoples travel radar, Central African Republic (CAR) houses some of Africa’s most wonderful specials. There is an untouched wilderness in the far south-western corner of the CAR known as the Sangha Special Reserve which forms part of the wider Sangha Tri National Park and covers and incredible 6,865 miles (750,000 ha) of unspoilt and pristine rainforest in the heart of the Congo. It is here, within this wilderness that some of Africa’s most astounding wildlife encounters happen. Western Lowland gorillas roam the forest floors and in open clearings, called Bai’s, normally wild forest elephant and bongo congregate in large numbers for some spectacular viewing and photography. Prolific birdlife flits around the lodge and tree pangolins are probably the most unexpected animal you will expect to encounter - but here in the Congo, you will see them.

Much of the forest is completely unaffected by human activity and features a wide range of humid tropical forest ecosystems with rich flora and fauna. Forest clearings support herbaceous species and Sangha is home to considerable populations of forest elephants, critically endangered western lowland gorilla, and endangered chimpanzee.

Pure rainforest wilderness

Sangha Bai

Western lowland Gorillas

Tree pangolins