Noah’s ark of endemic species

One of the most extraordinary places on earth, Madagascar- abruptly ripped from Africa some 160 million years ago, provides some of the most unique wildlife and nature experiences on this planet.

Its removal from Africa caused its evolutionary path to stray from that on the main continent and has resulted in a wildlife and nature of a seriously un-familiar territory for most people. In fact, at times you wonder if you are on planet earth at all! Shaped like an omelette, this large island offers the photographer the most diverse range of subjects to photograph. At times you don’t know whether to point your lens at the birdlife, reptiles or lemurs jumping around you.

Lemurs, elephant birds, baobabs, chameleons, reptiles, vangas and many other species have evolved into unique forms that are only to be seen on these islands. If you have a penchant for discovery and exploration, then a safari to Madagascar is for you. The wildlife is outstanding; its uniqueness enchanting. The numbers of endemism are staggering and as such offer you a plethora of exploratory options. Having travelled to Madagascar since 2007, C4 has a wealth of insight into what makes the best itinerary for visitors to this very special island. 

C4 Photo Safaris plans private safaris into Madagascar. We have run many trips to this location and have great experience in planning it for the best season and images. We also offer scheduled safaris to Madagascar on occasion.

Darwin's second island

Iconic Baobab Alley

Lemurs in abundance

Highest endemic species worldwide