Date 2018/09/27 10:26:12 AM by Todd Stein

Guest Image Gallery, Masai Mara 2018 by Todd Stein

I had high expectations before my recent trip to Kenya. The C4 team exceeded those expectations and I hope to travel with them in the future - either back in the Masai Mara or elsewhere in Africa or even the Arctic. The accommodations at Entim was nice and well-located. I cannot underscore how important it was to be located inside the national park because it allowed our morning game drives to begin at 6 am and felt very private. By 10 am, the light is harsh and most sightings were surrounded by a dozen jeeps. This means that while other travelers were just starting their day, we were already finished with our morning game drives and back in camp for lunch and learning sessions. The food was great and the lectures on composition, Lightroom, etc were very helpful. We began our afternoon-evening game drives around 4 pm each day. The light was still harsh at that time BUT we were usually in the bush shooting near the shade. By 5:30 pm, the light became ideal and then we were back on the open savanna. One hour later, we were treated to some beautiful sunsets and great photo-ops. I really wouldn't change anything about my trip. If you like photography or just need guidance in your photography, this trip is for you. If you are more into cultural stuff or the study of wildlife, I would still recommend C4. The C4 staff is very thorough, the Entim staff was great, and all 7 clients on the trip were super-friendly!

Text and Images by Todd Stein