Guest Image Gallery, Masai Mara 2018 by Andrew JK Tan

Date 2018/10/05 09:37:38 by Andrew JK Tan

This was not the first time I went for a Photo safari with C4. I expected the same high standards that C4 provided and I was not wrong. The Masai Mara photo safari was just brilliant. The lodging at Entim Camp was just superb and I had everything in the tented camp to relax and refresh with. The quality and variety of food and drinks were also excellent and there was WIFI too. Game drive sessions were also wonderful with the very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly guides driving us around. They were brilliant in the way they maneuvered their vehicles and always making sure we got our shots. Definitely planning for 2 more safaris in 2019 and they will definitely be through C4 Photo Safaris.

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Images & text by: Andrew JK Tan