Guest Image Gallery, Mara Predators 2019, By Heather Wall

Date 2019/04/09 10:27:42 AM by Heather Wall

I had a wonderful time again this year on the Masai Mara Predators. Andre and Isak were excellent guides and helped me a lot, both while out taking photos, but also back at camp with technical advice on my camera and post editing help with some photos. I really enjoyed the critiquing sessions that we had as well as the many reminders while in the field to try different settings, different angles, and to think of animals moving in their environment as well as trying to get those lovely close up shots! Isak also sent a message this week to say that he has sent a copy of his book on bird photography to Nairobi with someone for me and I'm extremely appreciative of the special effort that he has made to get it to me. The trip was educational, the logistics and Entim Camp were great, the wildlife sightings excellent, and the whole experience was also a lot of fun. I really couldn't be more pleased with the safari and look forward to joining other trips with C4 in the future.


Images & text by Heather Wall