Mashatu Photo Workshop May 2019

Date 2019/05/20 11:49:44 by Isak Pretorius

I recently hosted my second C4 Photo Safari Workshop to Botswana’s Mashatu Game Reserve for the year so far. We had such fun sharing good sightings, great laughs and terrific photography. With conditions already quite dry in Botswana after a poor rainy season, the game viewing was very good and the hide exceedingly productive.

On this four-night workshop we managed to do five game drives, two morning hide sessions, and one afternoon hide session. Cheetah, leopard, and a pride of lions were some of the animals that filled our memory cards on the drives. We also managed to fit in a stars cape photo shoot one evening on our way back to camp, after identifying a stunning Leadwood tree in an open clearing. 

The highlight of the workshop was undoubtedly the elephants at the hide. They have been turning up in great numbers, approximately 150 to 200 individuals per day. Not only did we manage to see them in the mornings with beautiful clouds, we also photographed them in stunning golden light in the afternoon. Bird photography was also at the order of the day in the hide, like always. Those not interested in the birds were clicking away at the impala, kudu, warthog, giraffe, eland, mongoose, and monkeys that came to the hide to drink. 

To make sure we didn’t miss a shot, a representative from Sigma South Africa joined us for the second half of the workshop. We were treated to all the latest Sigma lenses, from their stunning 14mmf/1.8, to the new 500mmf/4, and everything in between for us to play with.

Time flies when you’re having fun, so we were shocked when the last morning of the workshop arrived unexpectedly. I’d like to extend a warm thank you to our guide, Richard, our tracker, Oke, and the amazing team at Tent Camp who have made our stay so wonderful.

Images & text by Isak Pretorius