Masai Mara, the feeling of complete fulfilment and amazement!

Date 2019/11/01 11:28:06 AM by Trevor Kleyn

I still remember the excitement I felt the first time I went to Kenya back in the 80’s on a family holiday.  Without a doubt the highlight for me was the Masai Mara.  I clearly remember the build up and excitement and the feeling of arriving on the Mara and how it left me with the feeling of complete fulfilment and amazement.  It was so much better than I had ever believed it could be.  Since then I have had the opportunity of visiting the Mara on a few occasions and the thing about the Mara is it always delivers. And it delivers something completely different and unexpected photographically, every single time I have been there.



Photographing the rare Zebra fowl 'Tira'

On this trip we had the pleasure of finding and photographing a really rare zebra (named Tira) with a condition called pseudmomelanism, a rare genetic mutation in which animals display some sort of abnormality in their stripe pattern, says Ren Larison a biologist studying the evolution of zebra stripes at the University of California, Los Angeles. Click here to read more on the article written by National Geographic.

While we had ample opportunity to photograph this unique and special zebra, we also had great scenes of rhino walking into the sunset, lion prides, leopard cub playing in a tree and elephant herds at sunrise.




Except for the exception mammals you find on the mara plains, there is so many birding opportunities and plenty of birds in flight coming in for the carcasses around the plains that are filled with wildebeest and zebra, this is really something to marvel at.

"Once again the Mara completely blew me away"

The diversity and the unbelievable amount of photographic opportunity that it presents ever time I go there.  And again after leaving there after my last trip, I so clearly remember the longing to get back there as soon as possible.