Getting up close at the PhotoMashatu Hide

Date 2020/04/17 10:16:25 by Aubrey Tseleng

It’s a common question from my guests to ask if a long lens is necessary or suitable for shooting in our PhotoMashatu hide. I often answer that they should bring it along though we do get really close with animals. Especially the elephants that just fill up the frame even if you zoomed out to the widest focal length of your telephoto lens.



Shooting with a telephoto enables the photographer to play around with tight compositions and to go into the details. This makes the photographer to look for interesting compositions and details. 

I believe its the real story behind PhotoMashatu hides.

This view somewhat refines and completes hide photography. As much as I like wide views. This type of photography has a special place in my ideas of nature photography as it is really the only true experience of being very close up with wildlife. 

Text and images by Aubrey Tseleng