C4 Lockdown Photo Competition- The winning image

Date 2020/06/08 11:05:06 by Shem Compion

Selecting a winning image is always a tough task and I have had to do so on many occasions for various international photo competitions.

This competition was set up in order to provide some positive distraction to people whilst they were in lock down: A creative outlet for people of all ages and any camera to have a look around their properties they live in and start making some photographic magic. I tried it myself and know that it is not an easy task. Finding great images pushes your boundaries, which is exactly what we wanted it to be. It is also exactly what we saw. Images flooded in from all over the world and while that excited us, what really got us excited was the quality of the imagery.

Finding the top images was a tough task and our inspiration was the diversity of subject matter we saw. I want to thank you one and all for your fantastic contributions to this competition. Seeing the high quality of images, I can with confidence say that you were inspired, hopefully breaking the monotony of your lockdown.

The final, winning image is one that stood out to all of the judges. It was a unanimous decision. The funnelled web, speckled with dew leading through a tunnel towards the perfectly placed subject, a spider, was intriguing, captivating and drew you in (literally into its web) the more you looked at it.

Congratulations to Lilla Coetzee on her winning image- in our view, a deserved winning image.

Thank you one and all for participating in this competition. I am very glad we could connect through the medium of photography in a time like this.


Lockdown entry image by: Dylan Pons  

Lockdown entry image by: Andries Janse Van Rensberg

Lockdown entry image by: Ritchie Morris 

Lockdown entry image by: Karin Braby 

Lockdown entry image by: Elize Labuschagne