Namib in Flood

Date 2021/02/15 11:48:26 by Shem Compion

This is a once off opportunity to capture the Namibian desert in a very singular phase of time. The La Niña rains and floods have caused the desert to erupt into a wonderland of water, grass and flowers. Set amongst the massive dunes and vast landscapes, the desert has transformed into a wonderland of beauty. The last time this happened was in 2011. It may not happen again for 30 years. Join us in this wonderland to capture the desert at its finest. Both Hougaard and Shem visited the desert during the floods. They know the hidden locations, alcoves and backwaters where the best compositions are to be found.

Nowhere on earth is the effect of water more incredible than where it is needed the most. When it comes to the building blocks of fauna and flora, the Namib has almost everything in extreme abundance – fertile soils rich in minerals from an ancient crumbling landscape, open space like few other parts of the world and unobstructed energy radiating down from the sun at least 300 days of the year. The only thing that is missing is water.

In the years of abundant rainfall, nothing is static, and it is never quiet. The earth seems to emanate a harmonious vibration that has an incredible presence and aura. In reality, it is the hibernating desert that has come to life in the presence of water – nature’s reproductive drive in highest gear. Altogether, the desert buzzes with a seemingly nuclear energy when there is water in abundance. It may hum a slightly different tune at night, but that same relentless energy is there. 


Photographically, the grass simplifies the landscape in the same way that snow does – it covers what is normally a random mess of rocks, sand and shrubs with a perfectly uniform carpet of glistening grass. This works wonders for photos, but it goes beyond that. These carpets of grass represent the incredible explosions of the desert life. Sunsets amongst these fields of grass, with abundant wildlife roaming all around is what stimulates that epitomised feeling of Africa that keeps visitors coming back for the rest of their lives. Perhaps it stirs our ancient instincts, that tell us such years will be prolific for a specific omnivore (homo sapiens). What we do know for sure is that the floods of 2021 are without a doubt the most special opportunity to experience a possible once in a lifetime visit to the deserts that will be a highlight of your photographic career.

Join us for this remarkable opportunity in the deserts of Namibia where we will share all her beauty with you.

This workshop will be hosted by Hougaard Malan and Shem Compion, two of South Africa’s most respected photographers. Hougaard is undoubtedly the top landscape photographer in Africa. We have selected two of Namibia iconic landscape locations in Sossusvlei and the Namibrand nature reserve to run this workshop. On the last day, we have included a Covid-19 PCR test in Windhoek, where we have to overnight in waiting for the results. This workshop includes transport from the moment you arrive to being dropped off at the airport on the last day.