Local is Lekker

Date 2021/06/01 10:19:40 by Shem Compion

We’ve always known South Africa has so much to offer as an outdoor destination. Yet now, more than ever, we are being exposed to its real beauty. Through the tough times, we have been forced to look for new locations and fresh opportunities where we can explore and return with incredible images. Our focus has moved from the traditional known entities to places along the coast and in the Karoo and here we have found a myriad of incredible options which in my view are world class.

The result? Mala Mala is still the undisputed predator capital of Africa, with its 9km of Sand River being the most active stretch of wildlife real estate on the continent, to me it is a place that has no equal and should be visited at least once to experience wildlife on that scale.



Yet other South African Gems have emerged and your interest in our Lekkerwater Masterclasses has impressed us greatly. This location is hard to describe; a beach wilderness in a stunning lodge overlooking a private beach that stretches for miles in each direction. The serenity is palpable and the photography immersive.  




Then there is Camdeboo. A reserve claiming to rewild the Karoo to its former wildlife glory is a big statement, yet their actions speak for themselves and the wildlife in this dramatic and less visited part of the country is impressive, especially when scaled against the drama of the mountains or the potential snowfall that can occur here in the colder months.



As a fellow South African, I urge you to look beyond your usual holiday destination. If we’ve learnt one thing during these times, it is that the norm is not normal. Come and explore these new destinations with us and learn so much more about our wonderful country. Please feel free to contact me at any time about some of these excellent offers.



Lekkerwater Masterclass

We still have space for our July Masterclass. Join us now.


Camdeboo photo workshop

This is limited to 4 participants. Come experience the drama of the wild Karoo with us.


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