Landscape seascape photography

Date 2021/06/07 14:42:38 by Leonie Scholtz

It was my first visit to de Hoop and Lekkerwater. The venue and setting are simply unique a pristine part of our coastline with the lodge perched on the hill overlooking the untouched reserve and beach. The dolphins came close on a regular basis. The lodge was voted the best new seaside resort worldwide when it opened a few years ago. It certainly deserves all the accolades the food and hospitality five-star. Shem and Hougaard complimented each other, and the focus of the workshop extended beyond the technical aspects of photography. The environment and threatening stormy weather provided enough drama that could be captured on film. The workshop included not only seascapes but the micro and macro cosmos of the rockpools were explored. They focused on composition and how one should capture mood with varying techniques. We were entertained by captivating out-of the -box talks by both. The best landscape photography opportunity possible!  





Image & text by Leonie Scholtz