Rekindling the Safari Flame

Date 2021/07/19 10:50:01 by Kyle de Nobrega

15 months ago I got the last commercial flight out of Chad whilst on safari to Zakouma NP. The world went crazy, borders closed and we settled into what seemed like an infinite groove of uncertainty. Its been a long and challenging road for the wilderness regions in Africa and the custodians who generously help conserve them. We are far from the end BUT, for a change, for once, we are experiencing signs of freedom and certainty. The promising chance of getting back on old dusty or muddy tracks watching the sunrise over the Savanna or Rainforest in Africa once again is becoming a not so distant reality.

After such a long hiatus the safari industry is slowly crawling out of its bottomless burrow. Witnessing first hand the beginning of the revival of safari has been momentous. 3 weeks ago, guest and now great friend @johnbooth and I left for the Okavango Delta across 3 very different locations spanning every major artery of the deltas' alluvial fan. The selection of camps are legendary in location and as a result, this safari was one of the most productive to date, particularly for Leopards!