Safari is back(!)

Date 2022/07/20 17:04:26 by Shem Compion

Safari is back(!), and with it is the excitement of photographic adventures and exploration across Africa. In the past few months, C4 has hosted some incredible adventures across this continent, including privately curated experiences into Gabon, CAR, DRC, Chad and the Congo itself. These destinations are in addition to our regular locations of Namibia, Botswana, Kenya and South Africa. Whilst the Congo basin is not for every traveler, there is one common theme on all these safaris, whether in a fly camp in the rain forest or in a luxurious lodge in Botswana – we personally curate each experience to maximize the incredible photographic opportunities that are on offer for you. 


Ultimate Masai Mara safari 

As we head into the real safari season of the year, we will be sharing many more wonderful and new safari locations with you. If you are keen to join us as a last-minute visitor this season, please do be in touch. One particular safari we would love you to join us on is the Ultimate Masai Mara safari running from 2 – 11 September. This safari covers three different venues across the Mara- giving you the ultimate overview of the Masai Mara and the best opportunity to witness a migration crossing. Do come and join us on this incredible safari offer- the details of which you can see here. 


I wish you all the best for the rest of the year. It is going to be a safari filled one in Africa.

Yours in Photography,

 Shem Compion