Its all about the small things

Date 2024/03/18 09:48:21 by Darren Donovan

There’s nothing quite like it, you’ve arrived at your camp and the first drive comes along. After the first half an hour, you’ve seen very little but the anticipation drives an electric atmosphere. Then out of the blue, the guide points out  a pride of lions. It’s 4 ‘o’clock in the afternoon, and they’re not getting up for anyone. After 15 minutes of holding a long 500mm lens up, eventually your left arm is starting to give in. This is the normal rhythm of the bush, cats generally sleep in the daylight hours and it’s a rare occurrence that they give us any worthwhile behaviour when the light is at its best. 

Embracing the beauty of nature, from the majestic lions to the tiniest insects, can lead to incredible photographs and memories. It's important to be patient and open-minded during the safari, as observing the behaviour of various creatures can be truly fascinating. Don't forget to explore the camp surroundings as well, as you might encounter captivating moments even during the in-between times. Balancing your focus on both the grand and the minute aspects of the wilderness can enrich your photographic journey. 

Capturing wildlife moments requires patience, and sometimes the animals may not be as active as desired. It's amazing how much you can miss if you don't stop and appreciate the smaller photographic opportunities along the way. Remember, the bush has its own rhythm, and being open to all moments can lead to capturing remarkable images. 

Focusing on the big hairy’s and scaries is the reason to go to these amazing places, but allow the small things to fill your photographic cup to the brim. Happy exploring and photographing!

Images & Blog by: Darren Donovan 

The images in this blog were captured on safari in South Africa.