Date 2016/05/05 01:52:24 PM by Ruth Nussbaum

Wild shots event 2016

With the Cape Town event going down a huge success, the bar has been set high for the Johannesburg Wild Shots Event which will be held later this month.

The day was truly inspirational, show casing a wide variety of topics including our very own C4 Photo Safaris Underground Hides, fine art in wildlife photography, exciting new destinations, marine and landscape photography, to name a few. 

I think I can speak on behalf of all the delegates who attended that Cape Town event that we left the day feeling excited, inspired and full of motivation to pick up our cameras and start channeling our own personal creativity through imagery.

Be sure to not to miss out on the Johannesburg event, which will be show casing some more fantastic speakers such as Obie Oberholzer, Kim Woulhuter, Heinrich van den Berg and C4's Shem Compion.

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