Antarctica Part 1 2016

Date 2024/03/13 14:40:26 by Shem Compion

When you are surrounded by icebergs, glaciers and mountains that dwarf the size of any human built structure on earth you know you are in Antarctica. The sheer enormity of this wilderness prompts an immediate rethinking of your significance on this world.

Then to top it all, you take the first cruise down the Lamaire channel, on one of the most beautiful days I have ever witnessed in the Polar Regions, and all you can do is gasp. Penguins on icebergs scaled by massive glaciers, reflections so pure you can see your face in them and a sky so clear every photo has a beautiful sun burst in it. Antarctica is a place that never disappoints, yet when the sun comes out it shows why it is one of the world’s most amazing destinations. It simply blows you away with its stellar beauty.

A visit to Antarctica would not be complete without visiting a penguin colony; a few times over. It is no secret that the Adelie penguins are my favourite. Their looks, antics and charisma make them perfect photo subjects. Fortunately we had some great opportunities with them and their chicks. Travelling later in the season meant we saw the birds later in the breeding season. The Adelie chicks were huge balls of fluff that were not interacting with the parents and made for some special images. It took a while, but eventually we got the perfect images of these birds and their chicks.

Coming back from Antarctica I have this sensation that the trip was not actually real. Civilisation hits you like a bolt from the blue and all of a sudden you are caught up in life. Yet every few minutes I think back to the dream that was Antarctica and smile inwardly, knowing it was not a dream, it was real.