Date 2016/05/05 02:39:53 PM by Shem Compion

C4 Photo Safaris in 2016

Many companies look back at the year that passes and review what went wrong and what was good. At C4 Photo Safaris, we like to work it the opposite way round where we offer our clients our outlook for the upcoming year.

Here is our preview for 2016.

With the influx of mass tourism and congestion of tourist traffic in certain areas of Africa, C4 has decided to focus on the true wilderness experience for our clients. The Chobe River and Masai Mara are two examples of heavily congested areas in Africa. We counter this by either staying away (Chobe) or managing our timing in the Masai Mara to times when there are not so many tourists.

Maintaining our focus on wilderness, we have built some very new and exciting safaris for 2016 and 2017. Two of these are our South Rift valley and Masai Mara safari (in July to miss the tourists) and our new Iconic Ethiopia safari in early 2017. Both these safaris are new and exciting destinations for not only us, but in the case of the south Rift, the first in Africa. Initially we were not entirely sure about the reaction to these safaris but the reaction to these safaris has been exceptional with both of them being 100% booked. We are currently taking bookings for 2017 on these safaris.

Continuing with our intention to remain fresh and develop new safaris, the C4 photo hides are in for a very special new development this year. Expect an announcement in the coming months, but do know that the development will be one that will again change the perceptions of wildlife photography in Africa just as our underground photo hides did in 2011.

The driving passion in C4 Photo Safaris is to take our clients to destinations that are wild and remind you of true wilderness. We don’t like fenced reserves and we don’t like congestion. Our focus is on getting you to experience and photograph in destinations where if you closed your eyes, you would think you are in an Africa of yesterday. Your support for us has shown that, thank you.

I look forward to a great year on safari with you.