Date 2016/07/08 12:27:15 PM by Ruth Nussbaum

Hide Update

Its been a really good winter for the hides so far. The reserve has dried up extremely quickly this year due to the assumingly low water table. Although it is sad to see all the grass and tree’s dry up it bring upon a new cycle of change and life.

The elephants have begun moving on their regular winter migratory routes, which consist of moving up north in the afternoons and back south towards the central region of the reserve in the mornings. 

Along this migratory route sits our little underground hide, in the middle of all the action. So you can just image what a great place to be it is on a cold winters morning … out of the icy cold breeze, with a cup of hot coffee in hand, enjoying the hub of life the surround our little waterhole, snapping photographs until the hearts content.

Here are a few images from the past week in the hide, enjoy!


impalas huddle together in safety

up close

A young elephant slips into the icy water

Matabole giants

perfection in reflection

Mother Swainson Francolin and her chicks

a young elephant keeping its eye on us

regular red-billed firefinch keeping to its routine