Date 2017/02/03 01:24:26 PM by Kyle De Nobrega

The Secret Season of Mashatu

For a long time, the age old adage of ‘the secret season’ has been said. Truth be told, it is no longer the secret season and rather common knowledge that Mashatu during the summer, the green season, is a spectacular sight.

The rains flush the dry undulating savannah and a lifeless winter landscape puts on an incredible show of transformation. Its not only beautiful to the eye, but the wildlife that abounds within the heart of Mashatu exploiting the growth of nutrient rich vegetation is more concentrated than at any other time of year. And you can be assured, that once you have been in the presence of a leopard amidst a contrasting ocean of swathing grass, that the green season is worthwhile.

Top 5 reasons to visit Mashatu in the Green Season:

  • Undulating green hills abound with wildlife below. Watching abundant herds of wildlife whilst having a cup of coffee after a morning out on drive.
  • The flush of green and yellow, imagine seeing a leopard in strolling through a carpet of yellow flowers.
  • The concentration of elephants. During this time of year almost all of the elephants within the region converge into central Mashatu taking advantage of the flush of fresh new vegetation. Seeing herds of up to 300 walking together is not uncommon.
  • If you’re really lucky, seeing the dark basalt riverbeds flow with crystal clear water that you can drink adds to the already magic feel of the reserve.
  • Birds! The attraction of this region to migrating birds and waterfowl on the marsh is phenomenal.

Photograph by: Ruth Nussbaum

Photograph by Ruth Nussbaum:

Photograph by: Ruth Nussbaum

Photograph by Kyle De Nobrega

Photograph by: Kyle De Nobrega

Photograph by: Ruth Nussbaum