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10 Things to take with to the Masai Mara - #C4ExploreMore

10 Things to take with to the Masai Mara – #C4ExploreMore

Our professional guides have all teamed up to provide you with the most important things that they always take with when they travel to the Mara.

  1. Laptop and a Kenyan Adapter.
  2. A long lens from 500mm or 600mm as well as a wide angle lens from 12-24mm or 16-35mm.
  3. Bino’s for scanning.
  4. Plenty of memory cards and back-up storage some examples would be; extra hard drives, to back up your images up after ever day spent photographing. As well as spare SD or CS cards to have on drive with you. Don’t underestimate the number of photos you will take on a Masai Mara Photographic Safari.
  5. Sunscreen, a broad-rim hat, sunglasses and patience. Sightings and especially crossings can take a long time to unfold when those beasts aren’t being co-operative. The Masai Mara is on the equator, so between 10 am and 4 pm the sun can do a lot of damage.
  6. Summer clothes and a warm jacket. Summer clothes will do, but you’ll need something warm when you’re on an open vehicle on a cold morning.
  7. Yellow fever certificate and malaria medication. Just in case, be safe. In addition wet wipes. Don’t let a bug spoil your holiday!
  8. A sense of experimentation, an open mind as well as lots of energy! Try new techniques. Slow shutter speeds and backlighting. Also an appreciation for more than just the big and hairies. The Mara has a magnificent variety of fauna. Few people appreciate that the riparian forests around the Mara River near the Musiara swamp can yield sought after species such as Ross’s Turaco, African Blue Flycatchers and many others. The Camps are also great for focusing on birds, butterflies and other smaller creatures.
  9. Some one to share the experience with. Bring that “special someone” with, but if not, your C4 guides are pretty cool people to share these memories with anyway.
  10. A good attitude and a professional Photographic safari guide.


Tips provided by: Andre Cloete, Isak Pretorius,  Kyle De Nobrega and Ruth Nussbaum