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10 Unforgettable moments from the Masai Mara - #C4ExploreMore

The Masai Mara is known for being one of the best wildlife photography destinations, with so much to see, experience and photograph.

Our guides have all teamed up to share with us the most unforgettable moments that they have experienced from photographing in the Mara over the last 10 years and we’ve combined them in this exciting blog!

  1. Having the privilege to share this remarkable destination with our clients. We are lucky to live within Africa’s wilderness regions and to have the honour of guiding guests who for the most part might only experience a safari in Africa every few years, brings about great satisfaction. Every drive holds great suspense and anticipation for the action that the Mara is so famous for. I feel privileged and excited each time I show the Masai Mara to guests that experience this iconic destination for the first time - Isak.
  2. The possibility of seeing and potentially photographing the smaller predators that roam those abundant plains and thickets. You never know what smaller creatures you might find, and once in a while you get lucky with the elegant Serval or a robust and powerful Caracal. Last year we saw a Serval with 3 kittens and previously we had a very accommodating Caracal with a nearly weaned kitten – Andre.
  3. Cheetahs are always a joy to watch. Cheetahs with cubs can be even better. In addition, observing the anticipating Cheetah behaviour and watching at a distance the procedure of a successful hunt. The way it unfolds from the walk and stalk to a full blown chase and the drama of a kill. My very first kill in the wild was had in the Maasai Mara. A cheetah mother caught a completely unaware Thompsons Gazelle by surprise, her 3 cubs followed her as she leapt onto the Gazelle, mimicking her every move step by step - Ruth.
  4. The build up of excitement leading towards your very first sighting of wildebeest crossing the great Mara River (often called “the greatest show on earth”). Watching swathes of migrating Wildebeest following in motion the distant storms, only to stop and turn around to follow an even closer formation of brewing clouds that will ultimately bring upon rain and fresh grazing, adding drama to the vast open plains of the Mara. The build up to an afternoon thunderstorm, as well as the calm after the storm – this is always the best time to be in the bush.
  5. Watching a lioness relocate her newly born cubs across an open grassland to a new den site. Very few places on the continent hold such a strong population of the lion, a once very abundant predators. On our 2016 Exclusive Safari to the MASAI Mara we saw 47 different individuals in one week – Kyle.
  6. The Masai people. Not only do they hold the title of being the most recognized tribe in the world, but they are some of the friendliest and most hospitable too. Their great humor, stunning brightly coloured attire, pride for their culture and love for their land have quickly turned our guides into both friends and good photographers. On departing the Mara, the Maasai of Entim Camp put on a traditional performance. The echoing hums and bellows of their deep voices vibrate through your body, adding to the some what spiritually awakening experience you have just experienced in your week in the Maasai Mara - Ruth.
  7. An abundance of wildlife. Even if you look beyond the 1.5 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra, the shear number of general game and predators that you can see in the Masai Mara is incomprehensible. Moreover, a great opportunity to sit quietly and observe the hippos at the  hippo pool and photograph the incredible beasts at such close quarters.
  8. The vast open grasslands covered in Red Grass. The rich volcanic soils hold this incredibly nutritious grass that ultimately supports one of the largest mammalian migrations on earth. Not forgetting the mighty Sand River which is the boarder between Kenya and Tanzania. The river banks are bordered with ancient riverine trees which teem with birdlife.The stunning landscape of the Masai Mara which is like none other. You can see for miles in any direction of the soft rolling grass-covered hills, dotted with a few shepherd’s trees.
  9. The exciting photography with so much action, drama and animal behaviour, it’s the most exciting photography you will ever do on a photo safari. we had the opportunity to spend many game drives with Loraine, a resident leopard and her cub. Over a number of days, we witness the mother and cub resting, playing, hunting and killing. A rare and unique sighting for the Mara - Ruth.
  10. Tusker beer. Kenya’s local Tusker beer have become synonymous with safari, and nothing quenches your thirst better when you arrive back at camp after a game drive.


Tips provided by: Andre Cloete, Isak Pretorius, Kyle De Nobrega and Ruth Nussbaum.

Photo by: Isak Pretorius

Photo by: Ruth Nussbaum

Photo by: Shem Compion

Photo by: Kyle De Nobrega

Photo by: Shem Compion