Date 2017/07/27 10:31:10 AM by Michelle

Everything I could have wished for!

C4 Photo Safaris arranged a private safari for a special client of ours, Mr. Wood in the beautiful and wildlife abundant reserves of Mashatu and Mala Mala. On his return he sent us a testimonial on how his experience was at both camps, the service of the guides and the wildlife viewing. Also have a look at the great elephant and predator viewings he had over his stay at both camps.


"Everything I could have wished for were met and exceeded. 

At Mashatu we had excellent rooms close to the main dinning entrance and Julia’s room was next door. In the early morning starts we needed only a short walk to the vehicles, a blessing with heavy camera bags. All the drives gave us great viewings and the PhotoMashatu vehicle was excellent for attaching cameras.

All the staff at Mashatu made us feel like returning guests and the atmosphere just so friendly and caring.

Trevor was an excellent photo technician and was such help in so many ways. It was great to have his companionship on the drives and he gave us all plenty of guidance. The hide is a wonderful and unique experience, which we all enjoyed. Our guide, Bashi is a gem, we could never return without knowing that he would be our guide. He is so well informed about every aspect of wildlife and constantly found us the best viewing experiences. He has such a deep empathy for the animals and their life cycle and gave us so much more than just a viewing or a photo.

At Mala Mala we were met by Peter, who was to be our guide during our stay, a nice young man with a passion for wildlife and photography. He also delivered with the best position at every animal viewing location and always knew when and where the animals would be. 

If I were to put together all my past three safaris they would not equal the viewing or photography action we had this trip. It will take me months to process and select the best images."


All the images where photographed by Roger Wood.