Date 2017/07/31 02:57:29 PM by Kyle De Nobrega

The Mobile hide at Zakouma

Zakouma National Park in the South-eastern corner of Chad hosts a myriad of vast floodplains and a network of otherworldly looking rivers that look as if they where painted on set during the making of The Jungle Book. Watch the VIDEO HERE.

It is exactly along these rivers and across the floodplains that boasts a plethora of abundant wildlife during the dry season, Jan-April. During my first visit ot Zakouma in early 2015 I noticed the great potential of a mobile hide to be set up along the edges of a floodplain near congregating waterfowl. After designing and getting the hide manufactured in my hometown of Maun, African Parks took the hide up to its new home in Zakouma. 

Whilst on safari there earlier this year in March with a group of photographers, we made it priority to get the hide set up as early as possible to familiarize it with the birds. After leaving it for just 2 days we woke up every morning and got into the hide while it was still dark, important to remain as 'invisible' as possible.

The winds that erupt at this time of year gave the hide a serious initiation, but the rewards of our early starts paid off exceptionally.

It really was incredibly rewarding to see the fruition of the hide and the amazing photographic and viewing potential it offers a safari goer visiting Camp Nomade in Zakouma. I can’t wait to head back up there later this year to make a few small modifications to the hide so that we can use it for the 2018 safari season in Zakouma.

Photographs by: Kyle De Nobrega