Go Yamagata

Wildlife Photographer

With an upbringing as diverse as Go's, it's not hard to see why he is a man intent on returning to Africa time and time again. Born in Japan, Go spent most of his childhood in Togo and Burkino Faso. When he moved to Tanzania to begin his studies, he realised an enjoyment of photography and was immediately struck by the beauty of African Wildlife.

Go is now based in Tokyo but travels extensively throughout the natural world photographing wildlife and nature. He has travelled to India 6 times, with exhibitions in Delhi as well as Tokyo. When he does come to Africa, he spends up to three months at one time out in nature photographing- a lot more than most guides!

His photographic focus is based on composing images which capture those intimate, gentler sides of nature; rare fleeting glances that are so often overlooked by the casual observer. A testimony to the effectiveness of his style was winning second place in the Portrait category at the AGFA Awards 2003; and the overall prize in the Epson worldwide photo contest 2006.

Of course, Japan is Go's photographic back yard and he leads and runs the Japan tours for C4 Photo Safaris.