Humphrey Gumpo

Specialist Photography & Private Guide

Humphrey is a Specialist photography private guide living and working in Zimbabwe. He operates through the whole country but has a special affinity for Mana Pools, in which he has been leading tours for 10 years. He has international clients that travel with him each year- an indication of his expertise and temperament. In this time he has got to know Mana Pools and the animals intimately.

He knows where and when the wild dogs are denning (August when we are going there is prime denning time), he keeps tabs on the lion movements and knows exactly which elephants are more relaxed than others. We will be using Humphrey’s expertise to take our safari to another level at Mana pools. There is nothing as satisfying being in an area with a local expert who has over 10 years experience in the area. With Humphrey we have exactly that.