Samantha Lee Osner

Fine Art Photographer,

Samantha Lee Osner, the daughter of award-winning fine art photographer, Martin Osner, is successfully following in her father's footsteps. Passionate about art, Samantha's photographic prints exude an elegant, feminine, minimalistic touch. Her work is represented by the Art Photography Gallery in Cape Town and at the Osner Private Gallery in Hout Bay, where she exhibits alongside her father.

I have been so fortunate to have not only found my passion in life but to have done so under the guidance and mentorship of my father, fine art photographer Martin Osner. Initially, after studying under him at his photography school, I was plunged into the depts of commercial photography almost instantly. I knew that I had to find my way, and the challenges that came with this genre of photography, as uncomfortable as it was, helped me to learn a lot about lighting and problemsolving.

After several years, I started to dabble into my dad's world of art photography and very soon the bug bit, and it bit hard. It took a while to convince the old man to let me exhibit, but finally in 2016, with my completed "Daydreams" collection of pinhole photography, he agreed. Lights camera action and my career as an art photographer unfolded before me. Shortly after this, my father encouraged me to cease taking in commercial work and invited me to join him in running the gallery and showcasing more of my work. 2018 was a big year for me as together we opened a private gallery in Hout Bay to showcase our print collections. For me, two of the most critical elements that I find appealing in photography is lighting and how it can alter the mood of a photograph and capturing the beauty of a moment frozen in time - never to be repeated. My photographic collections include landscape, fine art and mixed media prints in limited as well as open editions. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the scene and attempt to reflect minimalism, feminity and elegance in my style.

Along with my father, I have experienced the deserts of Namibia, been taken to old rusty scrap yards in the middle of nowhere and introduced to the splendour of the landscapes around Southern Africa. At a young age, I experienced the freedom of the outdoors and have at the same time I have been exposed to many different styles of photography. This experience has allowed me to broaden my vision and given me the chance to experiment and enjoy being behind the lens or in the studio, no matter what the subject. Instinctively I know that I have found my creative path and I am very blessed to be able to work alongside my old man.