Date 2016/10/05 02:45:53 PM by Shem Compion

Wildlife meets conflict: in its millions

The Mara River - A place where wildlife meets conflict: in its millions. The migration is a constant dynamic. But at one point during the cycle, a major obstacle stands in the way of the momentum. At first it causes a stutter and a pause, but then the surge comes, and millions of animals cross the Mara River in one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes on earth. C4 has reserved a small, intimate and private camp in the heart of the action in perhaps the best time of year to see this phenomenon.


We all know that the Mara is home to the ‘greatest show on earth’. So C4 decided to run the best photo safari we could muster in the heart of the greatest show. Its simple really - find a camp in the middle of the action, book it exclusively for 9 photographers only with the best camp operator in the business and then have professional photographers personally guide you whilst on safari. Between the C4 guides they have more than 21 seasons in the Mara and have mapped their own special places and secret spots which they will share with you while being driven around. The Mara is a very large system and much of the conventional tourist traffic concentrates on a small section of the river. There is so much to see and photograph, and with these knowledgeable professional wildlife photographers as your guides, you will have the best positions available. You will be taken to the far-flung corners of the Masai Mara, you will not only get to experience the migration, but also the beauty, freedom and wilderness of one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems.

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Photographs and text by: Shem Compion